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Two New Canon Mirrorless Cameras Are Likely Coming in the Next Few Months

Canon's mirrorless lenses have been quite successful for the company, offering impressive optical quality that sets the bar quite high. However, Canon fans are still waiting for a stronger mirrorless body that pushes the boundaries a bit more from the company. The good news is that it seems that will be changing soon, as the company is likely to release two new mirrorless cameras in the coming months.

Five Helpful Tips for Better Portraits

Portraits take the confluence of technical aptitude, creativity, and the ability to work with people to be successful, and the lack of any one can derail the entire endeavor. This great video will give you five tips to improve your portraits, ranging from composition to interacting with the subject.

Do You Take Risks in Your Photo and Video Work?

Photo and video production can be an expensive and intricate venture with many moving parts, and as such, we often like to go into it with a carefully developed plan from which we are hesitant to deviate. But there are also rewards to be found in taking risks, and this great video discusses the importance of finding a balance between the two philosophies.

Five Essential Lighting Modifiers for Photographers

When you are new to artificial lighting, it can be a bit difficult to navigate the world of modifiers — how they work and how they will render an image. Nonetheless, they are essential equipment for anyone who wants to learn how to light a photo properly. This excellent video will introduce you to five common lighting modifiers, including how they work and how they will make your photos look.

Learn All About Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

If you are new to Photoshop, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the functionality and wondering what you should focus on learning first. Adjustment layers are one of the most fundamental and flexible tools you will find in the program, and they are tremendously useful for almost any photographer. This helpful video will help you become proficient with them.

What Makes a Good Photographer?

We all want to be better photographers, but it is not always clear how to go about that or what it is that makes for a good photographer. This interesting video essay examines the difference between good and bad photographers and just what it is we should be looking for in our own work.