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How to Choose the Right Camera for You

As the holiday deals start to roll in, you may be eyeing a new camera for your kit. But modern cameras are complex, intricate devices, and you might feel a bit overwhelmed in trying to choose the right one for you. This helpful video discusses some great tips and ideas for choosing a camera that you will be happy with.

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Camera?

Nowadays, it seems like cameras are released at a breakneck pace, but at the same time, modern cameras are highly capable devices already. As such, you might be wondering when it is the right time to upgrade your camera. If you are in that situation, this great video will give you some guidance on if it is time to upgrade or if you should sit tight with what you already have.

A Beginner's Guide to Lens Hoods

It is not probably a topic that has you glued to the edge of your seat with anticipation, but few accessories can have a more universally positive effect on your image quality than a lens hood. If you are new to photography, this helpful video will explain how they work and why so many photographers use them.

15 Ideas and Tips for Winter Landscape Photography

Like it or not, winter is upon us, and while you may not enjoy the freezing cold temperatures and snow, they do bring with them the opportunity for lots of stunning landscape photography. If you are ready to put on your boots, grab your camera, and head outside into the chilly weather, this helpful video will give you 15 tips and ideas to make the most of it.

Light and Portable: A Review of the Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary Lens

There has been a trend toward bigger and bigger lenses, sacrificing weight savings and portability for ultimate image quality and mind-blowing apertures. And while few will argue against improved image quality, sometimes, you just do not want to lug around a huge chunk of glass. This great video review takes a look at a lens that embraces portability: the Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary.