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Your Content Will Continue to Fall Flat Unless You Become a Better Interviewer

If you’re a videographer that runs your own business, you know that you have to be a jack of all trades. You know that your skills can’t be limited to just creating great images. You need to be good with business, networking, and a whole lot more. What you might not realize is that for the vast majority of self-made videographers, you’ll need to be good at conducting interviews.

ISPWP's List of Top Wedding Photographers Dramatically Under Represents Female Photographers

Intentional or not, there’s a substantial amount of messaging that occurs when you create a “Top 100” of anything. The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers released their list of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World, and when you scroll down the list you’ll notice there’s a group that’s incredibly under-represented: women.

Do Yourself a Favor and Stop Using Your Gimbal So Much

Since we’ve propelled so far forward, so fast in gimbal technology, it seems that shooting on a gimbal is almost a necessity for most videographers or filmmakers these days — but it shouldn’t be that way. The convenience that’s provided by most gimbals can’t be understated and I would be 100 percent wrong if I implied that they’re not useful tools. They are absolutely powerful tools that we’re lucky to have, and in such small packages. But because of that convenience and functionality, we’ve lost the importance of the decision making process when lining up a shot.

In a Year of Political Turmoil and Change, What Do Our Documentaries Say About Us?

On virtually every front, 2017 was a year of change, turmoil, and upheaval. A year comprised of moments that affected our every day lives in ways that societal and political movements haven’t in recent years past. The tension that has defined this year has found itself mirrored in the art that we create, and in more obvious ways in the documentary subjects captured by filmmakers across the globe.

Canon's Rumored 6K Cinema Camera: Is Canon the Right Brand for Cinema?

There aren’t many brands that have been so thoroughly lambasted over the past few years as Canon, and for good reason. Despite their reputation as a manufacturer of durable, functional camera tools, they are notoriously tight fisted with their technology. But what has looked like antiquated engineering is starting to look more like a calculated long-term strategy to play the field as it lays. With rumors emerging about a new 6K cinema camera to rival Sony’s Venice, Canon looks like it might be ready to play a new game.

The New Edelkrone SliderONE PRO: The App-Controlled Slider for Run and Gun Shooters

Edelkrone has a knack for creating technology that captures the imagination in ways that other brands don’t. With the release of the original Edelkrone SliderONE, we saw that ingenuity manifest itself in what looks like the future of video camera support. That same ingenuity has guided the development of the new SliderONE PRO.

The Sharp 8k Camcorder: The Future of Broadcast?

Sharp made a new camera—well, not a camera per se. It’s a camcorder. But that doesn’t really sum up what it is. Sharp made an 8k camcorder that’s decidedly not for cinematographers. Also, it’s $77,000. In short: I have many questions about all of this.

Sony RX0 Sample Footage and Review: The Action Camera That's Not

The Sony RX0 is the brand’s most ambitious jump into the action-cam style atmosphere to date, but even that is difficult to say without adding in, “Well, it’s not really an action camera.” With Cinema5D’s sample footage and review of the camera, we get a closer look as to what this camera actually offers.

Do We Care More About Specs Than Image? What's Up With the Panasonic EVA-1?

The velocity at which camera technology accelerates each year is incredible. While we as consumers complain about the pressure to upgrade more often than we had to in the past, manufacturers cope with a similar, but different issue: how fast should we push to release new, exciting technology?

Aputure Amaran MX: The Ultra Bright, Color Accurate, Credit Card-Sized LED

At IBC 2017, Aputure laid out their normal cornucopia of products — lights, microphones, monitors — but they didn’t show everyone the prototype for the The Amaran MX, a tiny, credit card-sized brother to the Amaran AL-M9. Why not? Well it’s still a prototype, so I suppose we shouldn’t get too excited, but on paper, the Amaran MX looks like an incredible addition to their line.

Four Steps to Make a Film Reel That Isn't Boring

For filmmakers, our reels are often the first thing a prospective client sees from us, so why do we put so little of ourselves into the edit? Your reel should show the world who you are, just as much as it shows the world the kind of work you do.

LG Pulls Out the Smoke and Mirrors Before Release of the V30 Smartphone

The smartphone industry is highly competitive and the new LG V30 is one of the biggest devices to be announced this year, so it's no surprise they worked hard to keep the specs under wraps. But LG went above and beyond using a new method to hide important information, just in case anyone got their hands on one.

ShareGrid Just Released the Greatest and Last Anamorphic Lens Test You'll Ever Need

While the technology we use every day swiftly marches towards the pursuit of perfection, cinematographers everywhere have found a friend in lenses with character. Few looks allow cinematographers to express that pursuit of unique character more than anamorphic lenses. With the array of accessible anamorphic lenses growing and no comprehensive comparisons, renting a lens was often based on budget, and not on personality — that is until ShareGrid released their Ultimate Anamorphic Lens Test.

The Sony RX0 - The Action Camera That's More Than Meets The Eye

Sony is the most exciting camera brand right now. There I said it. They just keep bouncing from field to field making huge leaps and bounds in technology and the latest example of that is the entirely new, exciting Sony RX0—Sony’s first foray into the action sports world. But it's not exciting for the reasons that you might imagine.

DJI Just Made a Big Drone Announcement Today at IFA 2017

There’s been speculation for some time now, but the wait is over. Today in Berlin, DJI made three major and exciting announcements about their line of drones. Specifically, they've introduced the new Mavic Pro Platinum, the new Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian, and an update to DJI Spark.