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Resolve 17 Studio: An Incredible Value

My favorite editing software, DaVinci Resolve, has just released the newest version, and for a limited time, you can get a full license to the latest version and an incredibly powerful keyboard editing interface for just the price of the license alone. The Speed Editor bundle includes a purpose-built portable keyboard with a unique set of features, including dedicated keyboard shortcuts and a weighted search dial. Want to know what makes it such a good value?

My New Go-To Strategy for Reducing Noise

Long exposures and high ISOs can bring out hot pixels. Worse than just regular high ISO noise, hot pixels are those little brightly colored dots that stick out like a sore thumb. Their random nature has made them tough to deal with effectively, until now. Want to know the easiest way to get rid of them?

Lightroom Is Great, but Despite Adobe’s Efforts, Photoshop Is Still King

Lightroom is about 13 years old now, and over the last few major releases, Adobe has added a number of tools you’d previously need Photoshop for. While it’s great to see new features like color grading, luminosity masking, and more make their way to the program, their implementation still leaves them falling far short of just using Photoshop. Here’s why I couldn't ever use Lightroom without Photoshop.

5 Things Your Phone Does Better Than Your Camera

The cameras in phones aren’t working with much. Between small sensors and simple lenses, it’s impressive they can produce the level of quality that the most recent flagships phones are capable of. But there’s more to an image than just pure image quality. Do you want to know the 5 things cameras could learn from phones?

Nikon’s Strategy Offers Value, but Is That Enough?

Nikon’s recent announcement of the Z 7 II and Z6 II, as well as their lens roadmap, paint an interesting picture for the future of the Z system. At a time when every other manufacturer offers increasingly expensive and exotic lenses and cameras, they’re going against the grain. Is that enough in today’s market?

Nikon Announces Z 6II and Z 7II: Small But Meaningful Improvements

Nikon has just announced the second generation of their full-frame mirrorless bodies, updating the Z 6 and Z 7 to Z 6II and Z 7II. These feature updates improve some crucial areas of camera performance, but is it enough to keep them competitive? Check out the features that have changed and decide for yourself.

How to Get the Best Fall Colors in Your Phone Photos

Fall is here! The leaves around you have hopefully taken on some great colors, but you might not be getting the draw dropping pictures you want. Fortunately, there’s 5 easy tricks you can try and they all work with your phone.

Phone Cameras Are Stagnant: Is This Good News for Real Cameras?

The Google Pixel line pushed the limits of what a phone’s camera could do, but the Pixel 5 looks like just a refinement, not a leap forward. The rumored specs for the iPhone 12 are similarly boring, particularly for regular photography. Is this setting the stage for real cameras to rise like a phoenix?

The Five Photoshop Default Options You Should Change Right Now

Photoshop offers a ton of customization opportunities, letting you configure and alter it to fit your workflow. While the default options are a great starting point, there are five preferences I’d consider must-change for the best experience. Want to know how you can make Photoshop work better for you right away?

Nikon Just Teased Their Next Gen Bodies: Here's What They Need to Have

Nikon has just teased a countdown to the Z 7 II and Z 6 II, with an announcement apparently coming October 14th. Are these just going to be iterative improvements, or is Nikon going to deliver an enticing upgrade for Z users to strike back at Canon's mammoth R5 announcement?

Fstoppers Reviews Venus Optics 14mm: A Mirrorless Wide Angle with Zero Distortion?

Both Nikon and Canon’s new mirrorless mounts don’t have huge libraries of existing lens designs available for legacy mounts. While adapters help, a native option can offer a number of advantages. Venus Optics, noted for their unique lens designs, has just launched a new wide-angle with native mount support for a wide variety of mirrorless cameras. Is it worth checking out?

The Photoshop Action I Wish I Knew When I Started

My most used Photoshop action is actually pretty simple and by following along, you can record it yourself in just about 30 seconds. If you’re new to Photoshop’s actions, it serves as a great introduction to their functionality, and I think it has a place in every photographer’s set of tools. Want to know what it is?

Nvidia Announces New Graphics Cards: Should We Care?

If you've read any tech journalism over the last day or two, you're probably sick of seeing the words Nvidia and 3000 series designations. It's no question Nvidia has created some impressive technology, but is it actually going to change anything for photo and video editing? The answer might just surprise you.

Is This Replacement for JPEG Going to Cause Controversy?

The JPEG file format is one of the most ubiquitous formats on the web, but the actual technology that powers the compression is old. A new method, based on machine learning, might change what photography really looks like.

Next-Generation Cameras Must Have These Features

The next generation of cameras are going to be competing in a market that’s tougher than ever. While the launch of mirrorless camera hardware from Nikon and Canon may have prompted some to upgrade, the next round of camera purchases also needs to offer something new in software. Want to know what needs to be there?

Creating Winning Photos: 3 Steps to Optimize Your Images With Photoshop

There’s more to creating a good photo than just moving the sliders. A huge part of wowing your viewers can come down to just a few settings that many forget. Before you export or save your next image, make sure you check out these options for the best results.