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[Video] The Most Beautiful Airplane Videography You Might Ever See

Only a few times have I ever questioned what I'm doing with my life. This video makes me wonder why I am not pursuing this. This is a remixed trailer of a movie called Les Chevaliers du Ciel, which means, Sky Fighters. Whatever the name, this video showcases some of the cleanest and most captivating footage I've seen from the skies. Owe it to yourself to get lost in this visual feast.

[Review] An In-Depth Look At The Brand New Wacom Intuos5

The next evolution on the Intuos line is here with the Intuos5. After our initial first impressions, we decided to take a closer look at this tablet, along with a comparative look at what changes Wacom has made from the Intuos4. With this review, you'll be able to get a full undisclosed look at one of the best tablets to date.

[First Impressions] Our First Thoughts Of The Wacom Intuos5 Tablet

To our surprise, Wacom was generous enough to send us one of their brand new Intuos5 graphic tablets to review. If you missed the press release, check it out here. We were elated to get out hands on the next version of the popular Intuos line to test out so soon! We also have a set of unboxing pictures below for you to check out. Although we will have a full detailed review soon, here is our first impressions of the Intuos5.

[Video] The Human Hourglass: The Model With A 20 Inch Waist

Even though most of you have shot models before, you may never come across one this thin. Ioana Spangenberg is a Romanian born model that has a 20 inch waist. Not only is she unnaturally thin, but she eats 3 meals a day and snacks in between... (Continued)
[Viral Video] Underwater Inception - Fishing Under Ice Upside Down

This viral video is not as boring as the title of it leads you to believe. With over 3 million views and growing, videographer Juuso Mettälä records two fishermen fishing under ice, upside down. The effect is visually impressive. Check it out in the full post.
[Hot Topic] Use Of HDR In Photojournalism: Is This Going Too Far?

The Washington Post published an HDR photograph on the front page which caused the public to react in a negative manner. Do you think HDR is acceptable in photojournalism? Where do you draw the line? Check out the full post for the story and let us know your thoughts.
[Pics] Unbelievable Colorization Of Black And White Iconic Images

Some of the most iconic black and white images of our time, shown colorized by Sanna Dullaway, gives us a glimpse into how these images would have looked had they been taken in full color. Are they better in color or left in black and white? You have see these images in the full post.
[Hot Topic] Models and Anorexia: A Controversial Campaign

This campaign, in the January issue of Plus Model Magazine, has stirred up plenty of controversy. With the year just beginning, this may be one of the most controversial campaigns we've seen. Check out the full post to see what the fuss is about including the full spread and story. We'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
[BTS Video] Joe McNally Shoots The Sense Of Sight (Circa 1992)

A unique behind the scenes look with Joe McNally in his Sense of Sight cover story (A National Geographic Production - circa 1992). Talk about a blast from the past. It's great seeing his thought process and work ethic through the entire process. It shows that no matter how old this video is, there's still a lot to be learned from watching the master at work. Check out the full post to see the video.
[Video] Shooting Fighter Pilots In Flight

Justin de Reuck takes us with him on his job of taking photographs of fighter pilots in flight. Though there is no dialogue, the visual element speaks for itself. Photography is difficult enough as it is, but try doing it under excessive g-force and being upside down! He almost makes it look too easy. If you think this is cool, check out the full post to see an F18 pilot with his GoPro camera. You don't want to miss seeing this!
[Story] The True Value Of A Photograph

Being in the industry, I know how valuable a photograph is and what it means. It contains memories that can be cherished for years and passed on to generations. We look back at these memories and they are priceless. Often, we wonder if the general public truly feel the same way, especially considering how little some people are willing to pay for quality work. Here's a story that caught my attention about the value of a photograph that really touched me. Photographer, Jeanine Thurston, received a letter at her doorstep on July 2nd of 2011. Jeanine writes: “There will be no portrait photos in this post. This letter wasn’t mailed – it was at my doorstep when I got home a couple months ago. I read it, I cried, and read it again – probably a hundred times by now. It wasn’t easy to read – and honestly, as much as it validates what I do for a living – I wasn’t sure I was going to share it either – Until today, when a past client said that my print prices were too expensive. If you choose to read through the letter, you will know why I’ve finally chosen to share it.” Check out the full post to read the letter that moved her to tears and let me know what you feel about it.