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The Robotic Cameras Of The 2012 Olympic Games And Beyond

The progression of technology has allowed for us to capture shots in angles that we would not usually be able to capture. Robotic cameras have the ability to fit into spaces and locations that a photographer would usually not be able to get to. These are fully controlled by remote as well. It may very well begin to change the landscape of photojournalism. Check out what you can expect and how it's done within.

Canon's Mixed Reality Project Shows What The Future Of Design And Production Looks Like

Canon's Mixed Reality (MR) Project may shape the future in many areas, from the conception of an idea to design and all the way to production. It helps to generate a virtual interactive product even before production begins. This video illustrates how fusing the world between the real world and virtual world may be advantageous in many ways . How do you think it will impact photography? Check out the full post for more details.

Instaglasses Concept: The Instagram Glasses That Show The World In Filters

We recently showed you the idea of what a instagram camera would look like here. Now, this concept by Markus Gerke shows it reduced down to glasses. The idea is that you can take a picture and apply a filter with your glasses. In effect, you can see the world through instagram filters and share it with everyone. Even though this concept won't come true, it might have been a big hit with Instagram addicts. Would this be something you would have bought if they were real?

The Manhattan Project – A Timelapse View Of The Different Areas Of Manhattan

Photographer/videographer, Cameron Michael, spent roughly 5 months making this timelapse view of Manhattan. It spans across the entire area and shows the stark contrast that makes the city so appealing. After months of time, the struggles of getting location access, and the manual labor of lugging around 130 pounds of equipment around the city, Cameron finally released this great video as an ode to the city and all its beauty.

Framed Interviews Photographer Claudia Kunin On 3-D Art And Ghost Stories

If you're into apparitions or anything spooky, this interview with former commercial photographer, Claudia Kunin, will captivate you. Without giving away much, check out the interview. Her work is extremely unique in what she does and where she's come from. She says she loves ghosts because she's been fascinated since she was a little girl. Combining that love with 3-D ends up taking it to the next level. She even goes over how she does it. More details in the full post.

The Little Slide Dress: Emily Steel Creates An Illuminating Dress From Old Film

A modern take on the little black dress, Emily Steel has found a way to make film a fashion statement. This dressed is adorned with film and backed with LED lights that give the effect. The idea was to create a wearable dress that fuses the idea of technology and art. The end result is intriguing to say the least. Check out the images and more details in the expanded post.

A Look Into 'Photobooth', An Open Tintype Photography Studio In San Francisco

Within the Mission District in San Francisco lies an amazing tintype photography studio called Photobooth. The best part is that you can just walk in and get a tintype portrait for yourself. Co-founder, Michael Shindler, not only talks about how it all got started but gives us a look into the process from start to finish. Check it out the next time you're in San Francisco!

'From Love To Bingo in 873 Images' - A Beautiful Getty Images Commercial

'From Love to Bingo in 873 images' is a short video and commercial which moves at 15 images a second. The video shows an entire lifetime depicted through stock images. Copywriter Sophie Schoenburg and art director Marcus Kotlhar spent 6 months making it happen and the end result is quite touching. I can only imagine how arduous going through all those images must have been!

[Behind The Scenes Video] The Making Of A Cover Shot With Supermodel Coco Rocha

You might remember Coco Rocha from her past ELLE controversy that we recently posted. She's definitely one of the industry's top models. This time, we take a look at the making of a cover for Target Style. How many shots does it take to get 'the' cover shot when you have a supermodel as your subject? Take a look and find out.

[Video] Florence Colgate From The UK Is Regarded To Have The Most Beautiful Face

18 year old Florence Colgate from Britain won the 'Britain's Most Naturally Beautiful Face' contest. Apparently, it was based on the science of symmetry, width and length of her face, and perfect facial features. Some have even regarded her as the having the World's most perfect face. With beauty being so subjective, do you believe there is a science behind it? What do you define as perfect?

[Humor] The Photoshop Comedy Series 'You Suck At Photoshop' Is Back

The popular series is back after a 4 year hiatus! This series combines tutorials with humor, mostly humor though. If you're familiar with the series, this is probably something you're excited about. However, if this series is new to you, be sure to check out a few of the first episodes here before checking this one out.

[App] Shooting Raw With Your iPhone: 645PRO App

The 645 PRO app is designed with photographers in mind. With cell phones being used more and more for taking pictures, it's no wonder that this app is coming out for the iPhone. Aside from shooting raw, it has plenty of features that will grab your interest.

[Video] Micro Empire – A Scary Yet Fascinating World Seen In One Drop Of Water

Clemens Wirth shows us an entire world of life that resides in just one drop of water. I was horrified yet simultaneously engaged when looking at this video. It's well put together, everything from the videography to the editing. The good news is that the life you see does not exist in your municipal drinking water, to make that clear. So rest easy and have fun watching.

[Humor] How You Should Be Cleaning Your Camera Lenses

Nick Kelsh kindly brings us an 'elegant' video from the Kelsh Institite For Advanced Photograph Thinking on how to clean your precious lenses. We never had a great way to clean our lenses till now. Once you see this fantastic method, you'll be convinced immediately. Thank you Nick, the results worked great on our lenses!

[BTS] Dave Hill Switches To The Sony NEX To Reinterpret Spiderman

There is no doubt that Dave Hill is a well known name in the photography community. With his recent collaboration with Sony, here's a behind the scenes look of him switching to the Sony NEX camera system for a reinterpretation of Spiderman. Do you feel that mirrorless is a feasible alternative for the way cameras are headed?

[Game] Color – A Color Matching Game That Tests Your Vision And Knowledge

Color, a simple yet addicting game that will test your patience and vision. In the industry, we deal with color all the time. Everything from shooting to dealing with calibrating screens, color plays a huge role in what we do. The game runs through varying level of difficulty, starting with hue, saturation, complementary colors, and goes up from there. It's very easy to play but hard to master.

[Video] This Video Was Created Entirely In Photoshop! (Yes, Video)

The Photoshop team rolled out a video which showcases some of the direction which Adobe intends to go in the future. It was shot and then edited entirely in a future version of Photoshop. Though the video itself is pretty standard, it's a glimpse of what's to come. Do you believe that Adobe should keep video editing separate from Photoshop? We want to hear your thoughts.