[Video] The Purveyor - Photographer Steven Baillie Travels The World To Find Undiscovered Models

Photographer Steven Baillie is well known for his work with GQ and Playboy. Another interesting part about Steven is his ability and willingness to travel all around the world just to find new faces. Here's a behind the scenes look at some of his amazing adventures along with some of the new faces he finds and how he finds them. 

This is definitely one the aspects about his career that make him quite succesfull, it showcases his willingness to do whatever it takes to find new faces for his own work.

What's amazing about this video is the dangers he runs into, regularly risking his life.


From Pratik:

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City of God. Such a good movie.

Brilliant find. One of my favorite FS finds period.

I love the FM3

Yael Paris's picture

I want his life XD

Tobias Solem's picture

Ungh, the usage of flash in that last shot was... bad

 That shot with flash was a test shot. No make up, no nothing...just to see if she will work.What I agree is why the editor chose that shot instead of one of the final photos.

This is great! Who's the girl at 1:56?

Now that is what you call a COOL job. Would sign up any day of the week! 


"It's a dirty job, someone gotta do it" haha love it

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Awesome find F Stoppers!!!

I love when they use  hispanic music, with brazilian references (NOT) 

Dear Guys,

I will be so glad if you help me how can I get the required password to watch the video? Thank you so much for your attention.