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[Video] The Most Beautiful Airplane Videography You Might Ever See

Only a few times have I ever questioned what I'm doing with my life. This video makes me wonder why I am not pursuing this. This is a remixed trailer of a movie called Les Chevaliers du Ciel, which means, Sky Fighters. Whatever the name, this video showcases some of the cleanest and most captivating footage I've seen from the skies. Owe it to yourself to get lost in this visual feast.

If you liked that, check out Eric Magnan's website ( for more.

Here's a behind the scenes video from the shooting as well:


From Pratik:

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Here a BTS video:

Eric Magnan web site:
Here some links of a part of the French team who made those pictures possible....

Pratik Naik's picture

Thank you Mikko! I have updated the post. I appreciate you providing that!

technically "les chevalier du ciel" means: knights of the sky but its been translated in sky fighter
for more information on this movie that has absolutely gorgeous sky scenes and a great soundtract to suport it, thow the story is crap, but like for Tron Legacy; you dont want to see this movie for the story but for its aesthetics.

Pratik Naik's picture

Oh I can't wait to check it out, it sounds beautiful!

Matthieu Atkinson's picture

ha it's a great film, much better than Top Gun in my opinion!

Eduardo Moradel's picture

the scene at 48 seconds its amazing first time ive seen that

Adam Ottke's picture

Absolutely gorgeous! I wonder how much of the footage/music in that bts video is licensed... :-)

leoparder's picture

I trully love this film.
A little story about the film :
It is the first movie to have more aerial footage taken FROM the air than from the ground. For example, Top Gun was shot mostly from the ground.
They did not use any CGI or 3D techniques, they teamed with the French Air Force to equip the planes with many special cameras.

Trust me, my heart took off when I watched this movie at the cinema :)

leoparder's picture

Also, the video you posted is just a preview.
On the bonus DVD, they put a movie of 20min+ with all the good aerial shots (a lot weren't in the movie) and musics.
20 minutes of pure sky pleasure :)

Here is the link :

Matt Steeves's picture

Who let the French have such a cool Airforce? LOL just kidding - this video is stunning!

Merwen BA's picture

 We have one of the best airforce plane in the world ;-)