Neill Blomkamp's New Short 'Rakka'

Neill Blomkamp directed "District 9" and "Chappie" and now he's released a short film of a dystopian future where aliens have taken over earth and the humans have to fight with whatever they can to survive and before it's too late. It's done in the style you kan expect from Blomkamp, in a way I believe only he can do, and it's got all the action, suspense, and gross details of brain implantation and alien creatures that he's become known for. 

All done in a 20 minute short film. What is different here, is the way he released the film. It was released on Steam, which is a gamer network where games are played, shared and discussed. And, they are going to share the characters they have created for other people to use in their own stories and games. 

Choosing new channels to release your work in might actually be a good idea, and giving your resources to others exposes it to so many more people who would might not have heard about your movie if it wasn't done in this way. Blomkamp is originally from South Africa, and he's built a name for himself with his approach to CGI, VFX, and the stories he chooses to make into movies. I regard him as one of the guys to keep an eye on, as he'll be one of the greats of this generation's directors and moviemakers for sure. 

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Dr. Dominik Muench's picture

Blomkamp is an insanely talented filmmaker, I really enjoy his work and his understanding and style of VFX is just fantastic.

Stuart Green's picture

Got it, the kid's meant to look like "Newt" from Aliens - been bugging me for a couple of days now

aaronbratkovics's picture

Counter-Strike for life ❤️

Michael DeRose's picture

This looks pretty good. I wish they would let him do the Halo films already.