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How to Recreate a Scene From Christoper Nolan's 'Inception'

Are you more into narrative-based video production than commercial ad-based video? In this video, Studio Binder shows you how to reproduce a scene from Christopher Nolan’s Inception for a mere $310.

Studio Binder is a tool used by scriptwriters, movie producers, and creators of video-based media. And to show how planning a shoot can actually make a massive difference to the end result, they uploaded this video to take you through the process of recreating this scene.

The video touches on a little 3D and how they’ve used CGI in the movie, but what I liked was that they also show you how some of the shots are made possible.

One of these instances is when they shoot a plate of a background, and then, for the actual shot, they replace the background with a green screen to key out the talent. This gives them the ability to insert objects between the talent and the real background.

I also enjoyed seeing how they can insert 3D objects into a scene and have it render in real-time. There is obviously more that can be done to make the 3D items and debris look more real, but to show the main idea and how to do it is something I’ve often wondered when in my cinema seat.

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