Check Out This Amazing GigaPixel Image Of The Olympics

Check Out This Amazing GigaPixel Image Of The Olympics

Our good friend David Bergman was hired by Sports Illustrated to shoot the Olympics once again this year. David is becoming more and more well known for his Gigapan images which require a camera to take hundreds of pictures that are then stitched together in post. The result is a single image that you can "zoom" almost endlessly into.  If you want to see every detail of the gymnasium at the Olympics, check out this incredible GigaPixel image.

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Sasa Savicic's picture

Yes, it is amazing, but there are also a lot of mistakes while stitching..

Jeff Todd's picture

I was most impressed with zooming in to the bottom center. The photog shooting with her iphone is priceless! She doesn't need to carry any other equipment!

Is this guy using the new Nikkor 800mm f/5.6 IF-ED? Lucky him.

Also the woman with the iphone has her finger over the lens, look on the screen...