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Patrick Hall is a founder of and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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 Wedding Tutorial: How To Photograph Engagement Sessions

If you've been hired to photograph a wedding, there's a very good chance your clients will also want you to take engagement photos. Recently we released our 14 hour long wedding tutorial How to Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer which covers everything about how to start a wedding business. Lee Morris previously released a sample called How To Light Posed Photos In a Church but today I wanted to share a free excerpt on making the most out of your client's engagement session.

ENDS TOMORROW:  Win a Sneak Preview of Fstoppers New Wedding Photography Tutorial

UPDATE: CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW! After 2 full years, it is finally done! Our digital download, How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer "DVD" tutorial is ready to be released. Lee and I have spent countless hours in filming, editing, and producing this 14+ hour tutorial, and we want to give three lucky Fstoppers readers a free, pre-release copy in its entirety. And to top it off, we are giving each of those 3 winners one of our secret light modifiers currently in preproduction.

The Business of Beauty Photography With Sue Bryce

One of the most popular fields of photography is glamour or beauty photography. Everyone wants great photos of themselves looking attractive and most photographers enjoy capturing people at their best. Sue Bryce's before and after photos show just how big a difference a pro photographer can make in bringing out the best out of someone. This whole week she is hosting two free workshops over at creativeLIVE. Today and Tuesday Sue is teaching Working With Hair & Makeup and on August 29 - 31 she will be teaching Inside The Glamour Studio.

Aerial Portraits Of Faces Using Groups Of People

These photographs by artist Craig Alan have been floating around the web recently. Craig's portraits of celebrities are created entirely using other humans as 'pixels' and the results are pretty amazing. I'm not sure if Craig's images are true aerial photographs or digital creations but either way this approach is definitely unique. Click the full post to see his portraits of JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis.

Free Photography Advice From Google+ Photographer's Conference

Right now some of the biggest names in the photography world are gathered in San Francisco for the Google+ Photographer's Conference. Scott Kelby is the brain child of this event and you can keep up with a lot of the free video content here on the Google+ Page. Photographers like Trey Ratcliff, Peter Hurley, Jeremy Cowart, Alex Koloskov, and Lindsay Adler are giving advice about marketing, social media, growing your business, and creating "shabanging" images.

[Images] These Lego Tilt Shift Rooms Almost Look Real!

One of the tried and true techniques to making normal photographs stand out is to use a tilt shift lens and "miniaturize" your subject matter. Brazilian photographer Valentino Fialdini decided to put a unique spin on this lens trick and make the miniature world look lifesize. Using his tilt shift lens, Valentino was able to increase the depth of field in these tiny Lego rooms to make them look like normal building interiors. The illusion was accomplished by

[Support] Ben Von Wong's Behind The Scenes European Challenge

We get a lot of Kickstarter projects emailed to us and sometimes they are interesting and other times they look like a desperate plea for money. We usually don't feature such projects but today I'm making an exception. Benjamin Von Wong has been featured on Fstoppers probably more than anyone else. This year he plans to goto Europe to produce inspiring photoshoots but at the same time film informative behind the scenes videos. Hopefully this post will

How Sports Illustrated Creates An Edgy Cover Photograph
I have to thank Tyler Kaufman for turning me onto this next video. Sports photographer Peter Read Miller recently shot some of the top NCAA college football players for the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. There really isn't any super informative information in this video but it's still great to see how the top photographers in the world pull off cover material for magazines like Sports Illustrated. From the video, it appears that these shots are lit with only 3 light sources: One large parabolic reflector as a key, one smaller parabolic reflector as a kicker, and a spot gridded flash head for a rear rim light. If you've ever shot in this style you know that small hard rim/kicker lights can really edge out your subject. If you click the full post and look at the super high res final image you can see how the larger side light makes the highlights broad but still harsh. It's easy to think that a barebulb speedlight to the side of your subject is sufficient for a rim light but adding that one extra modifier can really make a huge difference in your final result.

[FS Meetup] Come Grab A Drink In New Orleans At Bar Tonique
I just wrapped up a future Fstoppers video here in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I'd love to grab a drink with anyone in the area. The meetup starts at 8pm Tonight Tuesday the 10th at Bar Tonique located at 820 North Rampart St. It's located just on the edge of the French Quarter so we can escape all the hoopla that comes with Bourbon Street. Hopefully I'll see you there.

[BTS Video] Next Time You Photograph An Outdoor Building, Try This Technique
We are heading into the final stretch for our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest and someone is about to win a truckload of gear! The latest video that caught my attention was from LA photographer Mike Kelley. Mike has been featured on our site before but in case you missed that post, his portfolio is full of some pretty kick ass commercial images of buildings and outdoor environments. So it was only fitting for his contest entry to showcase how he approaches an outdoor commercial architectural shoot. Mike uses a lot of exposures and some well thought out accent lighting to create a composite image that looks really nice. As much as I love this video, Mike won't win this competition by impressing anyone here at Fstoppers. Instead his video has to make a lasting impression among our celebrity panel of judges. If you have any questions for Mike, leave them in the comments below.

[News] New Nikon SB910 Speedlight Announced
One of the biggest announcements I was really excited about this year was the release of Nikon's Flagship SB910 Speedlight. Many people were speculating that the revamped portable strobe would be smaller like the classic SB800, finally offer wireless syncing via radio, incorporate a small constant LED light for video, or add another half stop or two of power. Unfortunately none of those changes have become reality yet but the new speedlight does offer enough updates that anyone in the market for a powerful speedlight will want to check out the Nikon SB910. Click the full post to read the official Nikon Press Release. You can already preorder the Nikon SB910 as it should be shipping mid December 2011. Out of curiosity, if you could design the perfect speedlight, what features would you want that this new flash does not already offer?

[Humor] Photographers Vs Videographers:  Epic Battle Of The Century
This video has been sent to us so many times over the last 24 hours that I thought we should share it. It was filmed at After Dark Education based in Tucson, AZ and is a pretty funny look at how some videographers and photographers view each other on a wedding day. Just a good fair warning though, if you were offended by Lee's tongue in cheek take on fanny packs then you might be shocked to find out the situation is worse than you previous thought :) I guess we can all pick on the Star Wars fanatics instead this time!