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Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers.com and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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[Death Wish] How To Dangerously Photograph Gun Muzzle Blasts

This video from Smarter Every Day shows how you can capture any gun's flame throwing abilities with precise accuracy. Using a Pulse Generator, Destin explains how he rigged his flash setup to fire at the exact moment the gun is fired. By dragging the shutter and combining the exposure with flash, the Alabama native created some pretty interesting photographs. Some even show the bullet leaving the muzzle!

Fstoppers is Giving Away a Free Canon, Sony, or Nikon Flagship Digital Camera Worth $3900
UPDATE: Winner Announced HERE! Yep, the title pretty much says it all. Fstoppers has teamed up with our good friends at SLR Lounge and BH Photo for the mack daddy contest of them all! At the end of this month, one of our lucky readers will win their pick of the top high megapixel professional cameras offered by Nikon, Sony, and Canon. There are 6 different ways to enter and if you do all 6 you can gain up to 14 individual entries. We have the juicy details in the full post

[Community] Peter Hurley's Facebook Group Offers Even More Instruction For The Headshot Photographer
Peter Hurley is pretty well known among the Fstoppers crowd but after the release of his highly anticipated DVD, The Art Behind The Headshot, Peter has become an inspiration to hundreds of photographers around the world. If you've purchased his 4 hour training session on how to take the perfect headshot then you know just how powerful his teaching techniques can be for your career. But what you might not know is Peter has created an interactive community on Facebook for those of you who want even more instruction! If you've already purchased The Art Behind The Headshot, you need to join The Artists Behind The Headshot Facebook Group. Not only can you post your own photos and have Peter critique them directly but you can also talk business with other photographers who have purchased Peter's digital tutorial or attended his Headshot Intensive. I just got off a private conference call with Peter and his guest speaker Delane Rouse (who photographed over 800 lawyers in 2011!) It was really amazing to have over 25 photographers logged on and sharing business tips on exactly how they are making money in their local communities. These extra help sessions are only available to those who are members of the private Facebook group so join now! The information shared tonight was worth it's weight in gold, and it's inspiring to hear how people are turning their photo hobbies into full blown careers!

Why You Should Not Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer?

We've all heard that hiring a professional wedding photographer can save you a lot of headaches. But I've also heard professional photographers dog on the photos normal wedding guests take at a wedding. This latest photography meme might take it a little too far. Not only is it a stretch to infer that both these images were taking using the same cameras and tools, but I'm not completely sure that the image on the left is a great photo to make an argument for hiring a professional. What do you think?

Understanding DSLR Color Shift, White Balance, and Color Profiles
When it comes to giving great tutorials on DSLR video, the guys at Stillmotion are full of helpful tips and tricks. This latest video discusses some of the advantages you have in setting your camera's white balance and color profiles. Since DSLR cameras still do not allow you to record in a RAW format, you must make many decisions in camera much like you would if you were shooting jpeg (which is great for events like weddings). Lee and I are big fans of getting it right in camera which is crucial when filming video because a compressed video has so much less room for error than a large 12+ megapixel photograph. Seeing real time comparisons of how white balance, sharpness, contrast, and color shifts can change the look of your final video is really helpful and should become a part of your workflow everytime you start filming video. Hopefully many of you can use this info when filming your BTS contest videos. We've featured Stillmotion a lot here on Fstoppers so be sure to check out their older videos as well.

Learn How Profoto Freeze Mode Can Help Sharpen Your Studio Lit Images

The Profoto B1s are the battery operated smaller brother of the Profoto D1 monoblocks. One major advantage they have over their AC counterpart is that you can freeze super fast motion much easier than you can with the D1s. Suspending motion with strobes has everything to do with flash duration, and as I learned today, the Profoto B1 heads have a special mode called Freeze Mode that can make your flash duration even faster.

Catching Up With Concert Photographer David Bergman
This time last year Lee and I were profiling concert photographer David Bergman as he was shooting a series of Bon Jovi concerts in their New Jersey hometown. A lot has happened since then with David, and he is now currently traveling the world and seeing some pretty amazing venues. Mark Wallace recently caught up with the rockstar photographer and asked him some specific questions about both his photography and his concert website TourPhotographer.com. If you follow David on facebook, be prepared to be blown away and extremely jealous of his news feed - he's always up to something interesting.

Art or Pornography?  The Life and Work of Sally Mann
Sally Mann is an American photographer who has pushed the limits of black and white fine art. Early in her career, Sally captured both real and staged moments of her children's youth that quickly became subject of much controversy. Immediate Family, a collection of images of her children under the age of 10, showcased mainly normal, happy childhood moments. However other images featured her kids unclothed with themes of depression, anxiety, and even death. Obviously Sally's work sparked strong emotions, and the debate about what is exploitation and what is art became synonymous with her name. The acclaimed What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann is an interesting documentary that focuses on Sally's work and how she approaches her craft. Now a praised nature photographer, Sally discusses her contraversal early images as well as many of her current projects including landscapes in the deep south and portraits of her husband as he deals with muscular dystrophy. Check out Sally Mann's bookstore for great reading material from this revolutionary photographer. Click the full post for the full documentary.