Awesome Saran Wrap Sledding Almost Destroys $65,000 Red Epic Camera

Stewart Edgington seems like a pretty rad guy if you ask me. He and his friends created what is bound to be a viral winter video. The concept: super slow motion video of his friends sledding, tubing, couching, and saran wrapping down a snowy slope. All of the shots were filmed on a Fastcam, Canon 60D, Canon 5D MK III, and a Red Epic but things could have turned tragic as a "Ski couch" nearly takes out both the Red Camera and the whole camera station. While the full behind the scenes video hasn't been uploaded yet, it should be interesting to see this awesome video concept from the inside out.

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Mike Kelley's picture

Oh, to be 16 again. My body hurts just watching this

Tam Nguyen's picture

Damn first world's problem.

I don' think it's worth $65,000

JayWalkerBCS's picture

after doing some research i found these cameras can reach upwards of that number

Depending on which one you choose, the red epic brain only with nothing else on it, not even a battery can reach $25,000. Add lenses mounts, batteries, display, and everything else you need you can easily reach upwards of $65,000.

Most ridiculous headline I've read this week.
1.) I bet this cam is insured.2.) "Almost" is what the headline makes bloody stupid.A lot of things happen to me "almost" every day. Would I blog about it ? Not really.

It's a headline. To get views of a video.  

jeeeez!!! I like how his instinct was to protect the camera and all the people that blew past him were looking to see if he dropped it.  hilarious!

That camera cost $6500 not $65,000, especially stand alone without any gear or heavy duty lenses, etc.

Patrick Hall's picture

Maybe I'm missing something.... Camera body alone costs $26,000. The lenses are sometimes 20k too depending on it it's a sine or normal SLR lens. I know the red epic setup we used for Peter Hurley was $70,000 last year

Dennis Ramos's picture

 Gregory, you must be referring to some knock-offs off ebay. 6500 is the cost for a 2 week rent of authentic Red Epic ;)


What a stunningly foolish thing to do ....wrap people in plastic, binding their arms, so their neck is completely exposed to harms way.  

Funny video. Should've been shot with 5 GoPro's at a total cost of about $1500. Hit it with some Twixter action and you can get some great super slomo. Whoever takes a RED Epic out to do that is stupid and if someone else owns that camera - it's irresponsible. The main reason anyone would shoot with a RED Epic is to capture 5k and what a worthless use of 5k video - imho

The main use is to shoot 5k? What if you want 300fps? You can't shoot in 5K and get that sort of slow mo. 

I agree with Mike Kelley.....makes my body hurt to look at it.  But on the other hand  oh to be young, carefree and not afraid to do something stupid.  They look like they were having a lot of fun.

Shawn Robertson's picture

How old are these people? they look really young almost teenager? and one of them owns a red epic camera costing 65k? who owns a 65k camera in their teens or even in their 20's? and if one of them worked for a production company where the camera is insured, what company would let one of their employees take this expensive camera out and risk having to pay the large deductible and have raised rates for this video? unless this video is planned to be a viral marketing video of some sort then seems very costly and risky.

On the other hand the video is pretty cool nonetheless 

Could be a rental. If they planned on creating a viral video then shooting it with the highest production values doesn't hurt. 

They probably make some money through YouTube that helps contribute to the cost of rental. 

I'm with Jon, and the guy who said "Damn first world problems".

It's a stupid video, it's a stupid waste of money, and total overkill. This guy didn't produce anything I couldn't have done with a couple go pros and windows movie maker. 65K? What's next? A video of someone surfing with one?

If you want to see a grassroots filmmaker who does better for a 10th of the cost, google "Devinsupertramp". This guy is just a copycat who thinks filming idiots sliding down a hill on a couch with a Red makes you hip, trendy and ubercool. Twit.

Exactly what came to my mind, a devinsupertramp copycat, you posted before I could... 

Alan's picture

for someone with a 65g camera, this video doenst live up to the hype I was expecting :P

Thomas's picture

What a silly article about a millisecond of tongue in cheek video, this comes off like your just a bunch of gear nerds who miss the shot because your too busy counting your unused gear.

sorry. :)

If that was an 'almost'... at 1:30 the sofa *almost* ran over the cars parked on the street... what a moronic headline. Like EnticingHavoc said, 'almosts' happen to me every other day.

Too much Hate'n, 
video looks cool, looks like they were having a blast, wish i was young again too,

well done great video.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

I don't care how much does it cost or if it got destroyed or "almost" but I can tall from these guys expressions that they all shit their pants in that moment :D

Wow, talk about over sensationalizing! The kit which is "almost destroyed" looks to be the Epic with a Canon L 24-70 2.8 lens, Vari ND filter. So, body, battery, lens, filter and hard drive is $30k at the most. Come on guys, do your research before posting this stuff. Video was fun though.

Yeah if feeling some jelly vibes vid :)

Ihab Mokayed's picture

Am I the only who doesn't really like it!

I don't really like it! I think Devin Supertramp is so much better. This seems like a "knock off" of some of his videos. I'm pretty sure he's even used that song in one of his videos before. & His video quality seems so much better. Other then that, I don't understand the appeal. looks like a lot of pain.  

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