How To Photograph An Exploded View Of A Motorbike

I've always been fascinated by technical photographs showing every single part of complex machines. And shockingly enough, most of those images are created with a lot less Photoshop than one would imagine. "Explode" photographer Adam Voorhees shows us a quick timelapse of his latest Kawasaki Moto photograph shot for ESPN. Click the full post to view the final image.

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Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Surprisingly simple... except for measuring how long the wires would have to be to make it all sit well like that.

John Graham's picture

OK, weird. I would've totally thought that exploded diagram was CGI and not a photo. Amazing.

Cornelia Viljoen's picture

mmm now do a car:)) all those reflective services

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

I like the approach. I thought they would take separate pictures of each part and compose it in PS.

Zachary Price's picture

That's pretty slick...

Great work. It would be nice to see both original shot and photoshoped image in comparation.

Bradley Warren Hanstad's picture

Figured it would just be take each piece individually and put them together in photoshop, which seems easier honestly.

harry's picture

You guys obviously have never seen a exploded view display in person then, seen a couple done with auto manufacturers during expos and they put this to shame.  The photograph is the easy part!

MARK P's picture

yeah going to Kawasaki and asking for the cad diagram would have been cheeper and faster

like they would ever hand it out.... 

Simon Whitehead's picture

You've all seen Jonathan Beer's work right?

No nuts and bolts? :)

AlphaValues's picture

The Mercedes shop at Brooklands has an exploded F1 car suspended from the ceiling. I was not able to get pics that do it any kind of justice at all.