Behind the Scenes: Shooting in Sh*tty Light

Just recently Zach posted a guest article on 3 Nightmare Lighting Environments and How to Photograph Them with tips from top shooters Lindsay Adler and Erik Valind. This simple behind the scenes video takes a look at some amazing tips not only covered in the article, but in their book, Shooting in Sh*tty Light. You can catch their creativeLIVE workshop starting tomorrow.

What type of lighting issues do you tend to run into and how to you solve them? I personally like to use strobes to overpower any lighting issues I might run across, but I would love to hear how some of you go about solving issues in creative ways. Feel free to comment with your images and experiences below.

You can connect with Erik and Lindsay below:

Erik Valind Photography:

Lindsay Adler Photography

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I have conquered the last lighting problem once before.

Rebecca Britt's picture

Awesome photo!

The very first "After" shot is hilarious. The harsh shadow under her chin looks like the image was taken by an amateur. Really poor.

That caught my eye as well. I ignored that section honestly.

Pretty standard common sense stuff, but that music...god awful.

600ex-rt bare on camera left @ full power.

Benjamin Lundberg's picture

I really wanted the clouds in the photo to look great(along with the bride and groom) so I exposed for the sky and had an assistant hold a Nikon flash in a white shoot thru umbrella on a stand just above them camera right.. Not sure on my settings but I think it was a Nikon sb-28 1/2 power.


Usually you see a lot of that in urban photography, it looks good there but it looks awesome out in that field!

Benjamin Lundberg's picture

Thank you ... :)

Does the music have to be so loud and just plain bad. Gosh

Hery everyone! Don't forget to enter my conquering crappy light contest for a chance to win a prize pack worth $300! :D