How to Breathe Life Into a Complex Dance Photoshoot

Have you ever wondered how dance companies and productions get those amazing photographs of their artists in perfectly posed dance stances? Well, Benjamin Von Wong has recently thrown some light over the intricate process of lighting and shooting a complex dance campaign. 

Benjamin shot the amazing dance promo at the legendary Gesu Theatre in Montreal. In the video he explains the best tips on posing, lighting and the importance of pre-production and planning.


With the help of the lighting technician at the theater, Ben used both Paul C Buff lighting and the ambient lighting from the stage lights to get that vibrant and dramatic lighting in the images.

Lighting Diagram designed by Chance from


If you want to read in more detail about this shoot and learn some more amazing tips from Ben then head on over to his blog: How to bring to life a promotional dance campaign.

Benjamin's Facebook Page and Twitter.

All Photos © Benjamin Von Wong and used with permission.

VIA: Benjamin Von Wong and

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That's Venom and Monsta Pop the poppers from Canada! Glad to see them getting recognized for their amazing skill.


Todd Douglas's picture

Benjamin Von Wong always amazes me with his work and his taking the time to give us the lighting diagrams and much more with his portrait work. Love it!