The Perfect Photoshoot: Sexy British Military Babes Shooting Machine Guns

Usually when I hear someone is shooting a sexy calendar my stomach churns a bit as I imagine poor photography, less than stunning models, and ridiculously boring scenes. Thankfully this military themed calendar from Hot Shots is definitely not one of those poorly executed photoshoots. The final images are not yet public but they do have a bunch of them within this behind the scenes video so watch closely. The lighting is perfect, the photoshop is inspiring, and the amount of production value everyone put into this is something everyone should notice even if you aren't shooting sexy military bikini babes (which who isn't really?). If anyone comes across more of the final images let us know. In the mean time, enjoy a break from your typical Tuesday afternoon!

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Have you no shame Patrick!

Guy first, photographer second...  Thank you god for all that is wholesome and naughty in this world.

Such an Hardwork :( XD

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The perfect photoshoot title is set up for failure but wow that was amazing. Agree the lighting and photoshop were top notch. And  even the babes were babes. Great bts!

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c'mon guys. You can do better than a T&A video....there's zero photography knowledge here.

I agree this is low but check back in a few hours and compare the share stats with our other videos. If the stats are high then our readers like it. Sad but true. 

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Say what you will but the photos are pretty awesome looking.  They just should have spent more time with the photographer instead of the firing range.  

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True but sad...boobs and firearm, who would thought of that. Wow, what a concept.

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Agree, it was more Boobsgraphy instead of photography

That is incredibly sexy and amazing at the same time. I am sure military enrollment will increase 2x with those images ha!

At least the guns weren't plastic, like the boobs

You know the final shots were AWESOME. Not one camera in this whole video. I can't help but wonder what women would be offended by this video though. 

I loved the photos!  the lighting, the post process on them, hair and makeup.... ok who am I kididin?  That was FRIGGIN HOT!  I've never wanted to be an oil boy so bad in my LIFE!

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Funny how the classy British accents are almost intriguing of themselves.

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Funny how the accents sounded anything but classy to me.

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That is a twist!  :) 

They reminded me (voices only) of some kind Lara Croft. But unfortunately with little of the classy restraint.

Weird, shots looks nice indeed but the subject is definitely not of my taste.
Anyway keep providing us inspiration with your amazing blog.
Ned from France.

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Do you need assistant :) 

You can see a few more BTS photos on their facebook profile: . They use reference markings in the white bg to make sure the perspective of composite aligns correctly I don't think the lighting was anything complicated but the post production is amazing.

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Nice video.  Anyone know of some online resources showing how to get that gritty look in Photoshop?

Nice guns! lol...

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no complaints from me. i loved it ;)

I visit fstoppers to learn photography. No more of this please. If I want to see this I go to other sites that are specialized in guns or babes.  

Yes, more of this please! The post work is amazing and very inspiring. While it certainly would be helpful to see how they did it, there is not always a step-by-step guide of how things are done. So analyze the image and figure it out yourself! Try to replicate the shots on your own and you will learn a great deal...

I'm sorry, but if you can't handle some exposed skin & guns and can't see past it for what you really want to see (photography/post), then this big scary world out there is nothing for you, let alone the internet. Please stay inside, away from TV and computer.

All final shots are posted here:

Unfortunately, low res... after all, the whole point of this project is commercial, hence the encouragement to buy the calendar ;o)

Does anybody know any photoshop tutes with that kind of PP?

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just ordered 2 :)