Pete Barrett Shoots A New Balance Ad (Update)

Here is a quick timelapse of one of Pete's latests commercial gigs. It is a bit difficult to see what he is exactly doing in terms of lighting but I am simply impressed by the complexity of this shoot. Look how many people are on the set! After you watch this video head over to his website and be prepared to be blown away.

Pete says: "This campaign was made up of many components. The city scene was created more in camera than the park scene. We shot multiple exposures to capture the background elements then added elements for the curb and road perspective to match the clients needs for their layout. The shot with the park was more of an intensive composite as that background is an entirely different location. In reality there was a tall condo building in the immediate background. Composite retouching was done by Scott Dorman of Smalldog Imageworks. Check him out at See both of the final shots here:

Behind the scenes on the New Balance photo shoot. from Pete Barrett on Vimeo.

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Adam Ottke's picture

Okay...I'm confused. Did they do ALL that on location just to have a grey screen behind the model and photoshop the street background in....and then maybe they shot the street alone before the model? Is that just to have consistent daylight lighting to save time in post?

Lee Morris's picture

I was wondering the exact same thing. I'll try to contact the photographer and get more info

Justin Driggers's picture

I found the high resolution images at:

I have no idea how they made the background look that good. I would love to know though

Chris's picture

wow.. i didnt expect such a picture at the end.. but i like the result
a lot of objects got moved around in photoshop

but the ad is still funny.. 10% increase in calorie burn while walking ^^

Toby K's picture

I would of thought they could just shoot that in the studio.. pretty wild since that street is not even the same street in the ads..

Chris's picture

@Toby.. I think it is still the same street in the for and background.. the part in the middle is photoshoped.. but the street in the back is the same..