Police Station Lighting Made Cat Cora Look Great

Police Station Lighting Made Cat Cora Look Great

Cat Cora, a well known celebrity from the Food Network show Iron Chef as well as Bravo TV's Around the World in 80 Plates, was arrested for drinking and driving in Santa Barbara, California. It looks like this particular police station has taken a few lighting lessons from Peter Hurley. Anyone care to take a guess at the lighting setup?

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3-light setup. Almost looks like they've got some Kino Flo's going on.

thats not three lights.. the catch light in the eye is a man in a black t-shirt.  :-)

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Judging by Strobist's post, it does look like a 3-light setup-ish with some flo's :) 

Nikon's R1C1 flash units ?? 1 at the left and one at the right side. And one on the top ,.... could explain the 3 catchlights in her eyes :D
And might even act like a sort-of ringflash.

You have it I believe, since CSI uses the R1C1 then a lot of agencies do. I'm a death investigator BTW :)

That is hilariously well lit. I was laughing hard when I read this post and saw the image. She even brought her forehead forward and down.  

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Was Peter Hurley there?

Peter does make a point of saying that after a while, celebs just start posing without thinking. Years of training and repetition. That probably happened here. 

Needs a little Calvin Hollywood touch up :). Looks better than most mug shots!


Well lit or not, it cannot be the same nose on the 2 pictures right?

I believe you are correct, Sir! It looks as if it's been thinned out on the sides and reshaped a lil bit underneath. Good Eye!!

Who cares about lighting? 
I wanna know how many glasses she had before get caught!
She is or not and IRON woman? Hehehehehe ...

"Three bottles of beer" and she blew a .2 (legal limit is .08)

The police photog must be an out of work graduate of Brooks Institute

Hahaha i am actually from the santa barbara area, and this doesn't surprise me at all. if anyone police station had good lighting it'd be the sbpd

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Strobist has blogged about this too, including lighting setup pictures! http://strobist.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/sbpd-booking-mug-booth-is-pretty-...

Great picture for biometrics!

some people here have decided she can still use a touch-up


Nice police photo.  Way better than Nolte, James Brown and Mel Gibson.  She does pour the Ouzo quite freely after a competition on Iron Chef America. 

A mug shot will never be the same. :)