Runner's Paradise Behind The Scenes With Kevin Winzeler

Kevin Winzeler, a commercial photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, had an amazing opportunity this summer to travel to New Zealand for one of his advertising shoots for Altra Footwear. He shot both in the studio for the initial product shots, but he also took the shoot outdoors in some amazing New Zealand locations for some actions images, as well.


He used a Canon 5d MarkIII in both his studio and outdoor shoots and his lighting is broken down below:

For his studio shoot he used one Elinchrom Ranger Quadra and two Canon speedlights (unspecified) shot at hypersync 1/1,000 sec.

For his outdoor locations he used a combination of four different set-ups. One with a Elinchrom Ranger Quadra w/S-head at hyper sync with Pocket wizards TT5 and Mini triggers. One set-up he used natural light and sunbounce 4x6 reflectors and another without any modifiers, at all, and lastly, he also used some waterproof housing to protect his camera from shoes splashing in puddles of water.

You can view more of Kevin's work on his website: Kevin Winzeler and his Facebook page:

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Love this! Makes me feel good and inspired as a photographer and a runner.

-- Joe

Sweet! Love to see outdoor/athletic based photoshoots.. Running + NZ Mountains = Awesome. 

Fantastic, I wanna go out there, run with friends, and take pictures!

Top notch photography!

"For his studio shoot he used one Elinchrom Ranger Quadra and two Canon speedlights (unspecified) shot at hypersync 1/1,000 sec."
does anybody have some further information on this? All i could find at google was the 5d III would only give you a clean image with hypersync up to 1/250. 

1/250 is only the normal sync speed, so to say the minimum shutter speed where the shutter is completely open. With Hypersync you can shoot up to 1/8000 synced. That also works with a 5D MKII with a 580ex II for example.

I like the pics, but I think that those (most of them) could have been done with a much lower budget.. And smaller crew.