Ty Michael Shoots Half Dressed Women With Weapons

Here at Fstoppers we are all about INFORMATIVE BTS videos. Although this video does lack a few of the technical details I usually look for, there are a ton of great bits of inspiration to take away from it. Ty Michael's lighting schematics, clothing design, and especially his location and sets stand out to me. I know a few of these ideas may show up in a photoshoot or two of mine in the future.

Ty Michael Behind the scenes 01 from Ty Michael on Vimeo.

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Von Wong's picture

Nice video!

Would have liked to see more of the final shots instead

Great video!

I want to thank Fstoppers for posting this video. I know it's not as technically informative as the Fstoppers audience deserves because I'm one of you. Nothing beats a good behind the scenes video packed with information.

To Von Wong, You can find most of the final images on my website....

I give inspiration in return for your inspiration

Thanks again Lee,

George Popescu's picture

I like his concept a lot, I like the equipment he used, i believe a 7D and 17-55mm lens. It shows creativity is the most important part of any photo shoot, not what lighting you use, what camera you have or any other nonsense! Never shoot without a concept, that's my motto.

Why gel the flash when you're just going to desaturate image in post? Not trying to be smart or anything just wondering. Do the skintones get better or something?

On second thought are the flashes geled at all or are the modeling lights just at a different kelvin?

rashad penn's picture

What would be the reason for doing such a photo shoot? Was it for a fashion company or advertising the weapons? and i agree with xaltair some information about equipment used is always nice but mainly I would simply like to know WHY, however beautiful women, weapons and a good camera may be reason enough. I likey...

CooL Project...!

love the old factory interiors

To Tompno, Yes you got it right the second time around. The modeling lamps are just different then the flash. That was actually my first time using studio strobes. They were borrowed actually. Usually I just use speedlights.

To Lilnassau, The reason for the shoot was just what you thought. Beautiful women, weapons, and a brand new camera. That was the first shoot I did with the 7D. You could say it was a way to break the new camera in. I shoot things that interest me regardless of anything else. This is art, this is fun, I've never needed any more of a reason to shoot than that. Beautiful women and weapons was icing on the cake.

Another big thanks too Lee again for posting this. I'm just about to hit 3000 views in under one weekend. I'm truly humbled....

I'm always in favor of anything with pretty women and dangerous weapons.