Vanessa Williams In Her Natural State

If you've ever been hired to photograph an environmental portrait or a lifestyle image, most of the time your client is expecting a very natural looking image. Using too much flash will kill the mood and remove any sense of a natural environment. Matthew Jordan is no stranger around here, and we love his videos because he articulates his intentions well and tells why he does the setups he does. In this short and to the point video, Matthew talks about how he photographed a natural lifestyle portrait of Vanessa Williams with her daughter. Knowing how to pull off an image like this is an important tool to have in your bag of tricks and is a big money maker in the editorial and lifestyle market.

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His voice is so soothing. I want him to narrate every-day things in my life to make them more interesting.

Joop van Roy's picture

Simple lights, great communication skills. That will get you more work than any sort of expensive equipment or advanced lighting knowledge. Being a nice guy really pays off :)

"If they feel good, that request me over, and over again" That is the most important bit to take from this video. Making a client feel good is a skill. Gotta practice your social skills, and how to read people's emotions and personality just as much as you study lighting ratios.

He's like the Morgan Freeman of photographers. I could listen to him talk photo all day.

This guy is a class act. It's refreshing to see someone like him be very successful. I think he is a great approach in "making the subject/client feel good". Photographing someone and being photographed is an experience, he can definitely put his client at ease.