When In Doubt, Bury Your Models Alive

There have been a few conversations over at the Fstoppers Forum lately about how to composite two images together in a way that looks consistent. Aaron Nace has a history of producing interesting composite style images; recently he tackled the conceptual idea of "Going Home". Although I'm a bit disappointed neither Aaron or Avery gave any insight on what they were wanting to accomplish in this video, the way the two approached such a tough logistical concept is really clever. Sure there is a LOT of photoshop required in a final image like this but what's really important to take note of is how Aaron went out and shot as much of the concept in camera with consistent lighting so everything would work together when he started piecing the two images together. Since it's May 21st I figured this was an appropriate subject matter to tackle :)

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Original! I liked it!


 Frickin' cool.

 Just wondering with so many of these videos...the music is not given any credit and I question if they have the rights to the music...what is the true story??? Seems to me that photographers want rights protected but how about others...

I love me some Aaron Nace and he's doing some wonderful stuff with the new site Phlearn.com, but it's really his photoshop vids that bring his work to life. This is basically a two and a half minute video saying "yeah, we really dug a hole."

 Awesome image. I like how the video shows how to do such an image more than it tells you, because it really is that simple. Simple doesn't mean easy, for sure, but what you saw on the video is really all it takes. The key is matching the lighting first, then the elements and their relationship to the plate, or main image. 

 "Outlet Maul" (posted on a previous Wednesday Rundown) is another video about a composite of multiple images. Same rules. Same steps. Well... I like their image (and the model) way better, but I'm working on it ;)

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 such a rad concept, im impressed

 Super cool!  It gave me an idea for a shoot I got coming up!

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Aaron rocks, he's super creative and a PS genius. 

interesting concept..never thought of it..good to work on a project like this when u have pretty assistants as well ;)