Behind The Scenes of Snow White And Huntsman

If you haven't seen the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, then you'll want to go see it after watching this video. Filmed with the Red Epic camera, the amount of detail that went into creating the Mirror Man is amazing. The guys over at The Mill Visual Effects Studio did many tests with liquid before deciding to use cloth instead. Cloth provided more control over making the sculpture appear seamlessly out of the mirror. At about 1:41 of the video, they break down the layers of the Mirror Man to show that the Red Epic camera was actually built in so that it could record Charlize Theron's reflection during the actual scene. Pretty cool, huh?

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Rebecca Britt's picture

That was pretty awesome. I had no clue that they shot it with the Red Epic. BUT... I really wish they would show how they shot the scene where the queen rises out of that milky substance. I thought that was a gorgeous shot. Helps that it was Charlize Theron though. 

Ashkan Ahmadi's picture

Michael Jackson used this in his video Remember the Time decades ago! But of course it isn't as advanced and complex as the Mirror Man!

Sean Shimmel's picture

The alchemy of technology and wonder

Juan Peña's picture

Next video: Behind the scenes inside Charlize Theron's dressing room! :D

Michael Kormos's picture

Great stuff. Looks like T-1000's long lost brother :-)

Love it! The idea to have the camera in the dummy? NICE!

But "such an iconic sequence"....  hollywood these days....