[BTS Video] A Frozen Face Cover Shoot by Finn O'Hara

Here's a behind the scenes video from Toronto photographer Finn O'Hara.  It was for a recent cover story about Toronto smokers in a magazine called The Grid. O'Hara explains that the story is "a confessional tale of the stigmas faced by smokers every day in Toronto, and what it takes to finally kick the habit. To illustrate the commitment of a winter smoker, we enlisted a hardened smoker and slapped them with a fictitious -15˚C blizzard." In the video you'll see a little bit of the setup and the process of faking a frozen face.  See the final image below, as well as the cover and spread.

Via: Finn O'Hara's Blog


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THE GREAT ZEEE's picture

 the make up artist did a great job

Does anyone know what she used to make that effect on his face?

I second that!