[BTS Video] Kevin Kozicki Uses Pointsettias For High End Beauty Photos

[BTS Video] Kevin Kozicki Uses Pointsettias For High End Beauty Photos

One of the biggest rewards of our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest is we finally get to meet our readers and see what they enjoy shooting. Meet Kevin Kozicki; he is a great fashion photographer based out of sunny Los Angeles. In his contest entry, Kevin wanted to use poinsettia leaves in some sort of beauty themed image while not going in the typical Christmas/Holiday route. The images Kevin produced are outstanding and his lighting is perfect for this type of project. I do wish Kevin would have explained his lighting a bit more but it's also nice to hear photographers talk about the overall production ideas because they are equally as important and often overlooked. If you have any questions for Kevin, leave them in the comments below and click the full post to see a few of the final images.

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Very nice! Can someone tell me what he is doing in Photoshop at 4:12?

I'm not too sure what exactly he's doing but it kinda looks like he's using the levels adjustment while holding alt and over brightening to check the blending on his cloning work on the background.

Thanks! I call it going solar. I make a curves adjustment layer and just make a whole bunch of waves in going almost to the top and bottom. The colors go all wonky but It overly exaggerates tonality and make it easier clone out things and follow the same path of tones on the layers below. Then ya just click the adjustment layer off and the cloning should match what its "supposed" to look like better than your eyes can really tell.

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thanks kev for that gem. i was wondering myself

No lighting info :(

beautiful images. Would have loved to have learned more about the lighting in the shoot especially since it was mentioned in the description from fstoppers.

I noticed the larger octobox and the fact that it was not pointed directly at the model. I've seen this done with umbrella's, (where the umbrellas are literally pointed like just passing by the model, to get a softer diffusion of the light. Is this the same concept? 

Yeah it was pretty much being feathered for a very subtle fill effect. My key light on the first 2 images was a gridded beauty dish, with the big softbox angled mostly away to fill in the shadow side. 

thanks @google-8b7be8af8e5389be041cf3aafb52ac27:disqus  great work =-)

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That was great.

really enjoyed this one!!

anybody know what soundtrack was used?

Kevin great work the second image is mesmerizing. Very cool concept as well.  

Yes, excellent work! i really like the second picture the most.Is the lightning or the make up responsible for the shine on her cheekbones? Because i cant get the shine like this with my rimlightning´. I would be interested in further information on the lightning, because in my opinion it is outstanding!
Best regards jan

Wonderful photos. The beads are not prominent at web scale but would be interesting nonetheless.
Take a little bit of water and mix it with ... ? Can somebody help please?

Beautiful picture!!!!

Wow! The images are crafted with light and dark! When I first saw them I figured you had 'top of the line' expensive lights! Heck, those are Alien Bees and foamcore boards! I have that! I am blown away by your artistic eye!

Haha thanks. To me, it's not about all the expensive gear. Is it nice? Yea some profotos would be cool. But more expensive lights don't make better pictures. There are other benefits to them but...

Amazing work!

I have been trying to find and buy the 4'x8' foamcore board HOLDERS like the ones you used in your video. Do you know the name they are called, or a source when I can purchase 4?
Doing searched for 'foamcore board holders' does not produce the metal ones like you use. They weren't specially made were they?thxDebbi

Haha ummm are you talking about A-Clamps? You get them at home depot? At one point there is a false wall that was custom built in the studio but I just use it to block some bounce at one point. At what time in the video do you see them?

Great Video!!! which software is used before Photoshop? thx August

Thanks! It's Capture One Pro 6. I use it for tether and initial color adjustments.

I agree with most the 2nd image is definitely my favorite. I like the blue undertones and pale skin.

Great idea turned into gorgeous images. Kudos to everyone for excellent work! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Awesome Job Kevin!, very creative and a killer final product!

can i have yo numba?
you sexy

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Kevin for your intro splash screen (14 sec- 34 sec) was that done in Adobe After Effects? And your make-up artist is aMAzing! 

Beautiful work!