[BTS Video] Twilight's Kirsten Stewart Shot For Italian Vogue

Photographer Michelangelo Di Battista recently shot actress Kirsten Stewart of Twilight fame for Italian Vogue. The behind the scenes video of the shoot takes the viewer through the set and shows us quite a few different light setups.

The one thing you may notice is the lack of flash pops during the video. Michelangelo chose to use all constant light sources for his lights. Also thrown in, is a little window light and the usual mixture of white and black foamcore for adding or subtracting light. Check out the video below:

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The lack of expression in this girl really surprises me!
I don't have anything against her work, but she really confuses the line between Mysterious and Bored.

 shes mostly just stoned i think haha

this was really boring, kinda like the twlight movies. 

Kirsten Stewart Canon camera, for that money I would rather do it opposite: Medium Format ->Profoto, or something cheaper which is still good..

iPhone. :)

exactly, shoot a phase with natural light instead

Ugh. She looks juuuust sooooo boring to work with. Think I'd rather shoot a bag of rocks.

the one moment at the end, where she smiles, is the best part... sadly..

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I think given the theme of the Twilight saga, they probably weren't going for any honky-dory smiling shots. Moreso a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma :-)

Also thrown in, a terribly obvious vignette on the video.

you can't buy a lamborghini from 711. i love the way she is. 

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ask the crew... ask them who was unsatisfied? i feel like galileo in here

Not sure why she is such a big deal. Calling her a decent actress is being generous. She doesn't suck as an actress, but she is not super-interesting or over-the-top-attractive. Am I missing something? I am also very surprised to see the Canon camera. (and I love Canon) I would imagine they could get a better look with medium format. It must be the preference of the photographer, but for the purpose of the magazine, I would think medium format would be a necessity.

Thank you FS for providing a platform that brings us the opportunity to view another BTS  pro project. For all of those ungrateful assholes that have nothing but negative comments and remarks try to remember that no one is forcing you to be here and more importantly no one here  gives a fuck if you are bored just leave and shut the fuck up.  Are any of you negative losers shooting for Vogue or doing any professional modeling or acting? Were you on this set?   You are making judgements about people who you don't know based on an edited 2 minute video. She was doing a fashion shoot, not a try out for your favorite cheer leader squad. You want perky smiles go order some wings from your local hooters or grow a brain and learn about context.

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 Welcome to the internet Glenn.
Take a breath, I bet Kristen is glad she has you to White Knight her!

Hello Benicio, looks like you may have missed the point. My rant was not about defending Kristen. It is about the ungrateful people who offer nothing positive and contribute nothing. Has it now become acceptable that the internet has devolved into an uncivilized place and that one should just except that this is how it is? Cheers mate.

You're right, Glenn. Some people around here don't know the difference between shooting a wedding picture and shooting for Italian Vogue. There's no point in getting upset about it because "their" ignorance is "our" competitive advantage.

 Thank you.

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Actually to contrast all of you, certain parts of that video were quite inspiring!

I think Glenn Marsh needs a group hug!

 I will pass on the hug but thanks for the laugh.

Personally, I liked this video. No I'm not a fan of her, nor the Twilight movies... But I like the mysterious feel of this BTS and resulting photos.. fit's her well. And don't forget that it's a 2 and a half minute video of a photoshoot that lasted probably an hour or two or even more.... I think that they used the footage of her being serious to simply put us in context of the shoot.

The music was fitting, because I was asleep in the first 30 seconds.

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Yeah I'm going to go up stream here & say that in my experience, sometimes its harder to get a model to give you the kind of sultry look Kirsten does -than any other expression. When shooting with anyone (uncasted) you shoot to their strengths. Kirsten's is definitely *that* look. I actually liked this vid. I love seeing the massive setups for sometimes easy looking setups. You sometimes pick up on tiny micro things they do.