[Fun] Test Your Skills in this Virtual Lighting Studio

[Fun] Test Your Skills in this Virtual Lighting Studio

Here's a fun Saturday morning activity for you - try your hand at lighting a virtual model in this Virtual Lighting Studio. It's pretty simple, and very addicting. For each light, you'll choose the source - a bare strobe, softbox, or ringlight. Then just decide the power, gel colors, placement and distance. Maybe for the next version the virtual model won't be so creepy. I agree with David Hobby's sentiment - "On the one hand, I just blew 20 mins playing with this thing. On the other, pretty sure this guy is gonna kill me in my dreams tonight."

For the above image, I used a ring light straight on with two bare bulbs on either side. What can you come up with?

Via: Strobist



From Amy:

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Ziah Arif's picture

Thumbs up if you tried playing with the controls on the jpg image!

Jaron Schneider's picture

I'm not so sure I agree with how it treats a softbox vs a bare strobe. To me, the light looked like it got harsher and the shadows got sharper when I put a softbox on it.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Hm. Well maybe not. It was only when the light was straight on. 

lol why is he bald? How many completely bald people have you shot lately?! Really cool though.

 Must be easier to code and faster to render.

Randy Richards's picture

This is very coooooool. I'll be playing with this a lot :)

Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

Might be useful as a learning or teaching tool. Once you've done it for real I would think that you got a pretty good idea about how the light is going to hit your subject.

awerllow's picture

You know how you could make this program better? Throw in a "Squint" and "Turtle" buttons! :)

This is great! Why didn't anyone think of this before? Nice for playing around with different looks and lights. Thumbs up!


Rebecca Britt's picture

So when can I expect this for my iPad?? Lol.

Cool. But of all the possible characters to come up with...this guy?  Why not a nice ELITE or FORD model for crying out loud!? I mean, if we're going to mess with lighting and spend a lot of time fine tuning some lighting set ups with this....may as well be a face worth lighting yeah?  All good! lol! 

Tim Henry Woodard's picture

Cool! Wish the model would have stuck his forehead towards the camera so we could have a better jawline. 

a la Peter Hurley. 

iStne™'s picture

Great! Too bad my internet connection is too slow today.

Jim W's picture

Cool. Too much fun, it can be a huge time sink. But it's a lot easier than moving real lights around. It would be nice if Mr. Model had some hair so we can see the effects of hairlights and backlights. I imagine that for the same reason those effects are interesting, they are also hard to model on the computer. Maybe that'll be in not-free "Pro" version :-)