How To Choose The Correct Softbox For Each Picture

last week Jay P Morgan showed us exactly what softboxes do to light sources. Each softbox shape can be used to create a unique look and in the video below Jay shows us how he chooses the correct size to light a specific shot. Keep in mind that if you don't have enough money to buy multiple sofboxes, you can change the relative size of a single box by moving it closer or further away from your subject.

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The video is well put together as always! :-)... Got a few questions though. I'm missing the purpose of the elaborate dolly and rail setups... is that footage of the behind the scenes footage? lol.
Also, did the two softboxes really have to be gelled? Considering that the bg is chroma green already? Wouldnt you risk the possiblity of creating more unwanted green wrap around on the subject with the gel in the softboxes? I'm assuming that this is for a comp'd shot.

I guess we went to 11 on the sliders. Good impute. As for the Green. I wanted it to be more neon green and we were using a cromake green background. As we tested it the green gels gave us the look we wanted. If they are keep back fare enough then there is no unwanted green. Thanks.