How To Light Glass

Lighting products can be extremely tricky. Especially if that product happens to be reflective. Check out this video from and see how they choose to light 7 wine bottles. The video itself isn't a large production but there is a boat load of good info to be learned.

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Anyone who is really into this should pick up a book called Light: Science and Magic. Amazing text.

Nice video!

Three things to think about:

1. The use of Vellum Paper is very important, because you will see all wrinkles from the softbox diffusor in the bottle reflection without that diffusion layer.

2. Use a gobo for the background light or replace the white background paper with Vellum Paper an put the flash behind the Vellum Paper.

3. There is no edge between the whine lable and the white background at the two outside bottles. Use black cardboard outside the frame to create those edges. :-)

Vellum! I never would've thought about using that stuff for diffusion...Thanks for the great video!

Hi, thanks for picking up our tutorial for FS. We like your site too. you have some great resource here.
Also shooters who try this technique can share their photo with other folks who tried it and get farther advise. you can post your images here:(using share your shot feature in comments) <a href=" rel="nofollow">

You can get Clearprint 1000H from most art supply stores. Available in 6', 4', etc. rolls as well as sheets. I've been using it since the 1970s, good stuff. Rosco Rolux, 4'x25' rolls, makes a good shoot through background.

It's a really nice tutorial, but what I'm kind of missing in the end shot was the transparency of the fluids inside. I realise this is a personal preference, but in a productshot like this I think it's about the wine, not about the bottle, therefor I would like to see more of the fluid inside the bottle. I realise this is hard though, since it seems to be red wine in a dark green bottle?

Would it have been possible to shine light through it from behind, showing more of the fluids? Or was that just not possible?

Once again: great video, just curious why the shot was done this way.

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Great video on shooting bottles.

Can I take it that you've cropped out the background in the final shot displayed on the video above?

Also how would you get more color coming through the bottles to show more of the wine? Would you simply have a smaller strobe, say a off camera flash set to slave sitting behind the bottles?

Thanks :)