The iPhone 4 Fashion Shoot?

Cris Matthews just sent this video over to me. He did a few tests with the iPhone 4 and a ring light. He also used his iPad to review and edit the images. I have gota say, if I can easily and instantly view my shots on an iPad like they seem to be doing I will buy one tomorrow. - iPhone Fashion Shoot from Cris Matthews on Vimeo.

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I was more amazed with the tethering option via the iPad.

Now I want an iPad even more!

Yes I'd really love to know how they teathered the iPad... Tell me, and I too will buy one tomorrow...

Just use onone software, :
Both connected to a wireless lan, and the software running on a computer. So the camera talks wirelessy to the computer which than sends the image to the ipad.
So not as easy as it seemed in the video, perhaps. But kinda brilliant, so you can also have the camera on a tripod, and controll the camera via the ipad og iphone or ipod touch, if you want.

Also just wanted to say, it's a nice video, so thanks =)

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the only reason i have to buy a mac now...

wait ... Tablet PC still out weighs the ipad...

I think everyone would like to know more about the tether option. I do know you can tether the camera to a computer (with a wireless transmitter or USB tether) and then have the computer broadcast the photos to the iPad... but it doesn't look like Cris has any wires or accessories on his camera when he sets it on the table.

More info Cris if you are reading this! :-)

Sorry to post again so soon (Lee, feel free to combine these two)

I just found this... could be helpful :-)

Here's a tutorial on iPad tethering.

Well here is the way to tether your iPad with your DSLR.
Now I just have to buy an iPad. :)

What kind of ring light is that? Anyone know? I just bought the Ray Flash and will be trying that out this weekend. Thanks!

definitely, want an iPad now.... NEXT CONTEST... free iPads! hahaha

See if you can get Shuttersnitch to sponsor another contest and they donate the iPad. Everyone wants to use this technology!

Hi Guys, I've put some more info on my blog if you are interested. No need for access points and PCs, you can go truly wireless with ShutterSnitch.

Also can someone give some comments on how this chick was modeling?

Amazing ideas and shots, Cris. A good looking model always helps, but what you've got out of just a phone is incredible! More please . . .

Chris & Stef - fantastic work (& ace video) using seriously up to the minute technology! Are you really tethering the iPad to the camera or is it running a slideshow / showing images tethered to a mac & send via wifi to the iPad? Either way, it looks the business.

Having a 3GS with iOS4, the only thing tempting me towards an iPhone 4 is the camera, and I'm liking the ringflash videolight idea! Genius.

I'm just reminded of the 'That Doesn't Make You A Model' song when I watch this

Peter, it looks like the ring flash is an Alien Bee... Ray Flash is awesome for what it is, enjoy!

exactly Luke. I kinda laughed at this after Patrick's post.

If you have an EOS 1 series Canon DSLR you can use one of those wifi-enabled SD cards in the second slot along with Shuttersnitch on the iPad to pull the images without an intermediary computer getting in your way. On my 1DMIV I set the CompactFlash slot to record full-resolution and the SD slot to record a copy at a lower resolution, so it transfers faster into the iPad for review.

Wow, I thought this ipad tether thing was old news. I actually wrote this post a long time ago and scheduled it because Chris didn't want it to up just yet.

Anyway, I bought an ipad and an eye-fi card a few weeks ago and it does tether. The main issue though is that both the eye-fi card and the iPad must be connected to the same router. This is fine if you are shooting inside, but what about on location?

Well you can get a battery powered router but I may have a better idea. I jailbroke my iPad and got the app "MyWi" which turns my ipad into a hotspot. The problem is that it is an AdHoc hotspot and only the pro eye-fi cards can connect to AdHoc networks.

I am going to have to drop $150 to get the pro card but if it works like I think it should, my camera should be able to send files directly to my ipad for relatively cheap no matter where I am.

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That is definitely not the alien bee ring flash. You can tell because it does not have that horrible plastic tripod mount and the PC sync is on the side of this ring flash. I think this is the profoto one?


I get an embedded video permission error when trying to view the vid on your site? But, it does work when i click thru to vimeo. Also, I run eye-fi to ipad thru my verizon mifi router when outside. Worked great, till my ipad ran away on my last flight into Charleston.

There is no need to use a router if you are using the Canon WiFi grip, just set up an AdHoc network and get the iPad to join that, set your static IPs and you are away with no router etc... Not sure if this works with an EyeFi card though.

As for the comments on Stef's modelling, give it a rest lads! Is no one allowed to start out anymore ??? At least offer some thing constructive, I think she is amazing to work with she has the best attitude of any model I've ever worked with.

The ring light is from eBay, check my blog for a link to that.

Hmmm, so I am wrong... when Cris said that he got his Ringflash from eBay, i assumed it was a cheapo one, like AlienBee. It is actually Profoto (look at his blog). Sorry Peter! I was wrong.

No, the video ring light used with the iPhone is a cheapo eBay one (it's not a flash!) and the one used with the 5D is the Profoto one yes. Go check my blog for links and more info :)

The easiest way to tether to your iPad for image review is buy an Eye-Fi SD card and an iPad app called Shutter Snitch. No computer required.

so how about using the eye-fi...... SD card with built in wifi to tether to ipad or laptop? i saw this in a guy's camera today at a bbq... pretty cool... surprised i had missed this since it came out a while ago

Using Eye-Fi with Nikon D700, D300, D300s.....

How did you do this? I have the synchrotech adapter and the correct eye-fi.... but the adapter is CF type II and those listed Nikon bodies are CF type I. Did I buy the wrong adapter?

How did those who have any nikon other than the D3 get it to work?