It's A Wrap! Check Out All Of The Submissions From Our April POTD Contest!

We received over 1000 submissions from our readers to our new POTD contest, and yes, we looked at every single one of them. There were some brilliant entries and it was incredibly tough to select the top 30 for the month of April, but they've all been chosen, and you can check out the gallery here

Here are just a few selections from the top 30 images (note that the POTD feature displays images over the past year - and that the top thirty are labeled backwards from thirty at the top of the page). If you're one of the lucky thirty seen here, congratulations on an amazing image. If you didn't make the cut, don't worry - the competition was incredibly stiff and like I said, it was SO hard to pick the best, there were some truly great images that I had to exclude due to the constraints. We'll soon announce the top 3 submissions with our commentary and the winner, who will be rewarded with a $100 B&H gift certificate.

When we announced this contest, we had no idea what to expect at all. It turns out that the response far surpassed our expectations. Thousands of images were sent in from photographers on every continent. From India to Iceland, America to Australia - everything is here. It is truly humbling to have photographers from all of these places send images to us, and a reminder that photography is a global phenomenon.

Not only were the images great, but there were plenty of stories to go along with many of the submissions, which in some cases I found really added some weight and depth to the images. I loved reading about how the images were created, who was depicted in them, and why they were shot the way that they were. There were touching stories, funny stories, sombre stories, you name it, it was all there.

Candice Hildebrandt
Brian Ingram
David Trotter
Aditya Mendiratta
John Vicory
Josh Ross
ray portrait (1)
Slavic Stepanov

So be sure to check out all of the images in the POTD gallery, and keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days as we announce the winner. We are also open to suggestions for themes and ways we can improve the contest. Owing to the huge response and great images, we are thinking of ways to expand it, whether through more prizes from our sponsors, more exposure, and more opportunities for the winner. This first month is a test run, so to say, and as we go we are sure that we will iron out any kinks and improve the contest in a myriad of ways.

Thanks to everyone who submitted images to this project, and also a huge thanks to everyone for being a loyal Fstoppers reader and contributor.

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Stacy's picture

awesome photos!

jmphotography's picture

Without having seen the other entries, and bearing in mind that I've submitted one, I've got to say that the image by Brian Ingram is one of the best portraits I've ever seen!! Well done.

Archie Campbell's picture

Would any of the photographers be willing to share some behind the scenes in terms of gear, settings and stories behind the pictures? With some extra context this could be a really great feature!

Osvaldo Rivera Vazquez's picture

I would also love an explanation in the selection of the pictures. As a beginner in photography I would like to build my "good taste" and know wich are the features that make a good picture, that could be really educational :)

Mike Kelley's picture

Hi Osvaldo - yes - when we select the winners we will discuss the reason for choosing each of them. It would of course be incredibly time consuming to write a paragraph for each image, but it will definitely be done for the top images.

Osvaldo Rivera Vazquez's picture

Thank you! I already saw the first ones and loved the explanations. I'm looking forward to see all the pictures! :D

Mike Kelley's picture

Hi Archie - many of them did - the stories and setups behind the photos will be revealed in the scrolling POTD carousel as the month goes on.

Archie Campbell's picture

Brilliant. Looking forward to seeing them.

Mike, Thanks for the inclusion and love these inspiring pics!

Leonardo Baldenegro's picture

I'm in time to send some of my photographs or there is no time? A call will open again for the opportunity to send a portrait photo? I would like to participate.

Isaac Ruiz's picture

That photo by Brian Ingram is tremendously good. Wow

Paul Jay's picture

That monkey looks like it doesn't want to live.

David Trotter's picture

That monkey bit my Thank goodness I was wearing thick jeans!

Shawn Cooper's picture

You can judge me later; I tried looking at the forum without success. How would one post a photo to the contest?

Lorenzo P's picture

Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to anticipated in something to grand!! We love FStoppers!!

Josh R.'s picture

Completely honored to be included! Thank you.

stepyourgameup's picture

You should have posted a gallery of all 1000 photos because the 30 that were posted were not that good at all...

John Lucas's picture

Or perhaps you could just post your portrait in this comment section so that we can all see how much better it is.

Mike Kelley's picture

By what metric?

Osvaldo Rivera Vazquez's picture

Maybe he is trying to say that you asked for a picture that conveyed something or told a story and most of this pictures are only beautiful but lack on that part (The one of the dog for example) It's not the story about how the picture was taken what matters, is the story that the picture tells to anyone, at least I thought that's what the contest was all about. My humble opinion.

Anyhow I'm glad this kind of opportunities exist and plan on participating in the next POTD, take care! :)

Mike Kelley's picture

You say 'most' but I disagree. Of course there was a lot that went into it - I tried to add some variety and mix lighthearted images with more sombre ones. If every picture was someone staring forebodingly into the camera, that would be a tad depressing ;)

Candice Roos Hildebrandt's picture

I am beyond honored to have my photo grouped with such phenomenal portraits!

Óran Desmond's picture

When will the POTD next month challnge been announced?

Sooraj J's picture

I should say I am very honored to get my photo featured here especially when it's with the element why it was chosen. It really encourages me to take more 'up to this standard' pictures, was lacking that pat on the back or appreciation which keeps you happy in your passion. Thank you FStoppers team for the awaited encouragement.

The thought when it strikes that you guys went through each image, analysed em and chose with a reason makes it special :)

btw my picture is