Jay P Morgan Explains A Three Light Setup

Jay P. Morgan is a commercial and advertising photographer based out in Los Angeles, California. We have featured his work before and this time Jay is using a three light setup to make some portraits of a jazz player. If you are still uncomfortable with your lighting skills, Jay does a really good job explaining exactly what each light does and why he placed them where he did. Click on the full post for part two of this photoshoot where Jay adds some "special effects" in the form of an air canon firing at his subject.

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awesomely executed. can't wait to try using a brolly like that for a rim light on my next shoot!

part 2 is in the full post

This was simply amazing, I hope Jay Morgan comes out with more how to videos in the future, incredibly interesting and informative.

Keep the videos coming. They keep me on my toes. Too often I don't get to shoot things like this and don't bother to take the time to simply do them to stay sharp. Helps keep the creative juices flowing. Thanks.

So need an air cannon now...

ha ha ha ha ha... good one Eric!