The Life And Career Of Photographer Albert Watson

RETV, a new video based website started by Resource Magazine recently filmed a quick interview with Albert Watson. During the interview Watson talks about his humble beginnings and walks us through a few of his famous shoots. Watson claims that many photographers get into the field simply because they enjoy the technical aspects of the gear. He also says that these are the same people the continue to ask him the same "stupid question" when he shows his work; "What camera was this shot on?"

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Such a fascinatingly disparate portfolio:

Women, guns, chimps, motels, latex, heels and stoves.


So let me get this correct. You post about iphones taking pictures and there are tons of responses, then you post a master like this and get 2 comments?

I love what he said about people and cameras. Most people like to hold cameras and fiddle with the buttons and lenses and let everyone know they like and now about these machines, but photographers that switch from film to digital thought it would improve their abilities to see a better image and its simply not true.

Equipment has always been an argument amongst people because those that argue it in its favor so much typically are not that good of shooters.

Too bad this video will probably get 7 comments tops.

I love the line about the question people ask most "what kind of camera do you use"? It seems people still think if they could only afford the big DSLR they would be masters of the trade. :) One thing I've also concluded over the years is that most masters in any field are humble. They don't brag about what gear they have or how famous they are. I think it's safe to say that most don't start off with 20K in gear. Thanks for finding these interviews guys!

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I agree with Levy, I liked his honest explanation to what he shot and how and also how humble he was, he has nothing to prove to anyone.

I hate when people say that their art speaks for itself.  I love that he doesn't have to.