Melissa Rodwell Shoots Fashion For Genlux

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I believe she shoots w/ a D2X, normally. She mentioned on one of her BTSV that great pictures don't take the most-up-to-date gear. She usually shoots w/ 85mm and 28mm primes on her videos.

Wow, if she is still shooting with a D2X I am impressed!

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Lee, this is the shooter I told you about, who is moving from LA to NYC. A great photographer, a great person. We have to do a welcoming meet up once she gets settled. Maybe I'll set up another game night.

Tkae, where have you been? You missed poker and 2 parties!

Everything you have been missing has been after 8pm!

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Saw this a while ago and thought it was amazing. Anyone have tips for getting those ambient lights and candle flames to look so perfectly exposed and still use strobe?

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She told me to quit buying gear. ; )

@ Richard Grebby, It's the strobes that make it possible.

Look at the candle flame in the video, it's just a fuzzy ball because the video camera is exposing for the ambient light. Exposing for the higher light intensity of the strobes allows the candle flames to look like they do to your eye, i.e. no flare. It's all a matter of balance.

Besides the imagery and styling, I love the attention to details such as the spotlight on the empty bird cage and use of the feathers and smoke. The balance in contrasts and lights on the subject while using the window lights to fill is well done. As always, Melissa, I love how you show the beauty within your gothic and dark sense of style and imagery.

Awesome shoot, very nice shots!!!

Just me stepping in here....thanks for the article and the nice words about the shoot! For this shoot I used a Nikon D3 and I switched between my 85mm and 24mm lenses. Both are fixed lenses. I never use zooms, just prefer the fixed lenses at all times. Can't wait to meet the FStoppers in NYC!

Thanks for speaking up Melissa. How would you feel about Fstoppers shooting a video on you?

Sure! When would you like to? I'm still in LA for another month but will be living in NY soon!! (....and can't wait...)

Love the video and melissa's blog as well as the whole fstoppers site. :)

quick question: is the beauty dish gridded or not? (5:06-5:15 min mark) in the final photo the light fall off on the wall around the model is very quick/controlled. it looks tight enough that i would guess gridded but then again since the light is so high and angled down i could be wrong. any ideas?