Mike Sisk Makes A Mess

Mike Sisk of FX Studios just sent this video over to us. He used falling paper to make his background a bit more interesting and appeared to tether his camera to his iPad to review his shots. Cool idea!

Flying Papers - BTS from Fx Studios on Vimeo.

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We actually used an app called shuttersnitch for the iPad with an eyefi card in my Canon 1D Mark III to send low res jpeg images to the ipad to review while shooting. It works amazingly well.

No way! that may make me buy an iPad right now. I wish that thing had more res in the screen, a camera, and of course flash ;(

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There's another cool use for the iPad! Up until not I mainly use it to show clients portfolios of my work! Great BTS!

That was fun!
I'm gonna get me an iPad!!

Hey Guys,

Just a general comment to let you know how much I enjoy your site and having access to all these wonderful videos. As a photographer getting ready to pursue some commercial work, it's really nice to be able to get some insight into how other photographers work.

Much appreciated!

Thanks for sharing that! Where do you get those paper rolls from?

Those are Savage brand paper rolls that we get at B & H. Millions of different colors and extremely durable. One roll will last us a year.

Thank you very much for the info!

Fun idea! By the way, nice background music!

Using the iPad to review shots like that is pretty brilliant. Nice video.

Great shoot! Thought your assistant's eyes would pop out in the beginning! What was the song in the background?

why are we commenting on the iPad only?? It was nice photos there~!

What length was that roll of paper? Seems to be in between the standard 57" to 107" or whatever

Oh my gosh! That was so fun! I love the colors and the song choice. The flying paper and wording was really creative.