The Real Life Barbie Photoshoot

Check out this amazing photoshoot by Dina Goldstein she titled "In The Dollhouse." Dina spared no expense as her team built set after set to complete this real-life Barbie and Ken series. Just like the last Barbie series we posted, this one is also a little twisted. Apparently you can't go wrong with Barbie series because these images have already gone viral around the web. Check out Dina's website for the complete series.

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Patrick Hall's picture

The guy actor is this is hilarious around 3:30!

Mr Blah's picture

MUCH better than the vulgar/violent one we saw a couple weeks back...

Proof that you don't need to shock to pass a message! 

Sandy Phimester's picture

I'm not so sure that the other one was shocking in any-way, unless you're showing it to children. ?

In any case, this one is not bad for sure! :) I like the idea haha. Coulda been taken a step further I suppose, but hey, it was cool, and really well done..... and I liked the BTS too.

Albert Zablit's picture

Agreed, something's off with the facial expressions. It looks too... real?

Brian B. Bettencourt's picture

Meh, honestly, for someone with such a huge budget, assistance, and equipment, I wasn't overly blown away by this.

pakla's picture


No wonder things cost money was my thought, all that carpenting for just a few shots...??
Could have made 50% less, added the rest in PS and saved a bucket-load of money.

Nicholas's picture

I love the use of fresnel lights for the shoot, as well as the Kinoflos. And just like movies, it's cool that the filmmaker or director, gets credit for the vision, but without the entire crew working together, the result would just stay in the artist's head. Cool video.

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what's the real name of the guy who played as Ken? anybody knows?

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I'll pass. 

"Social commentary" or not, I've grown jaded of the jaded. 

Tulaga Whitcombe's picture

Ken ---> gay

George Quiroga's picture

Impressively elaborate. Ken was a crack up and looked more like a Ken doll than Barbie looked like a Barbie doll. ... in a creepy sort of way.

This shoot came out like garbage.  For the amount of effort put into the shoot, video, etc I would be embarrassed to show those photos.  Agencies are getting hosed by photographers that don't understand what composition & basic lighting is.  Wow.  Appalled!

Andre Goulet's picture

I'm fairly new around here and I must say, people like you are nothing but a negative force. You offer nothing constructive and can't enjoy anything for what it is. I doubt you could do nearly this good, let alone better.

Essentially, your ego is sickening.

The last photo killed it!! :))

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Gerj's picture

ficken die gar nicht?

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well done - its all made and out of camera rather then enhanced :) I wouldve loved to be a part of this.