Watch EA Sports Shoot The Madden 2012 Cover Live In Time Square

Here's a clever idea... EA decided to make the cover shoot for Madden 2012 a promotion in itself. How did they do it? Well they created a studio in the center of Time Square in NY and allowed thousands of people to watch the photoshoot take place live, and in person.

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Henning Nilsen's picture

There is about as much content in this "teaser" as the game itself.
Sure it looks cool, but when you start to go through it you see that you won't get anything new out of it.

dj vaporize's picture

i think its ridiculous that they spent all this money to set up a stage and set for the shoot yet they go and lay off engineers who worked hard on their games.

Anthony Luke's picture

All that work for an image that is pretty much an illustration anyways. Beyond silly. More money than brains execution

Good PR and the resulting photo is Hot

Robert Jewett's picture

love to see the price tag on that one.

Everyone's comments are spot on. It wasn't even about the simple photo, it was about the HUGE spectacle to promote the game,and I think they did it well.  No photographer would watch this video and go WOW great setup and awesome final image. But we would all LOVE to shoot this project in Time Square.

Great promotional idea. They had to make it a big deal just cuz it's EA. lol.

They obviously didnt do the post editing live. LOL. Which is about 70% of the reason the images looks like it does.

F8 Photography's picture

agree with themsquaredgroup comment:  image could have just been shot in a small studio....but no one can fault their 'hype' factor and not one of us would turn down this matter what we think of the 'ridiculousness' of the setup, etc.

Ahmad Aleidan's picture

from the looks of it the people who did the video weren't that happy with Fstoppers posting it... I guess they've pulled the video some how. Copy rights laws?  

Unrelated to photography, but Peyton Hillis is the most perfect "Madden Curse" candidate they could have ever found- Bravo EA!