How To Shoot A RAW Timelapse: New Series By Preston Kanak

Preston Kanak, creator of 3minuteshorts and assistant editor of Philip Bloom  is launching a new series of tutorials about how to film timelapses. Perfect for the professional or advanced hobbyist videographer, the series is the perfect way to make your jump into Timelapse filmmaking. The series will be broken up into seven parts including the gear he uses, pre- and post- production, and distribution.

These tutorials will be very detailed and will go over several different types of timelapses including static, motion controlled, day to night, astro, walking and HDR just to name a few. Set to be released in weekly or bi-weekly installments this series is one to keep a close eye out for. By the way did I mention the whole series is absolutely FREE? Talk about 'paying it forward', a practice that Preston is very keen on.

The tutorials will be available on an open vimeo group here: The RAW Timelapse Tutorial: Paying it Forward group.

If you have any recommendations on what you would like added to the series please leave your comments in the introductory video here:  Introduction to the Timelapse Tutorial    (Make sure you read the very detailed list of what he is covering first.)

You can see more of Preston's work: HERE

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Benicio Murray's picture

I'm really looking forward to these videos. I've only ever done really basic timelapse so far.

Preston Kanak's picture

 That time-lapse looks great.  Well done, Benicio.

Daniel Swalec's picture

completely unlike any of your timelapse segments, but I managed to build a solar-powered enclosure out of a pelican case and mount it atop our mini-van as a few friends and I drove from LA to NYC.  needless to say, I learned a LOT from that 13 days... mainly that 30,000 images are NOTHING over 13 days and 4000 miles.   All kinds of BTS info here with the timelapse at the end of the post.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Benicio Murray's picture

 cool idea

Daniel Swalec's picture

i knew i would forget to attach the link.

Preston Kanak's picture

 Nice one!  Noticed you had to clean the bugs off a few times :).

Rusty's picture

Yay! Saskatchewan!

Preston Kanak's picture

The next instalment is now online --