Make Your Next Travel Video Shine With These Five Editing Tips

Creating cinematic travel videos can be a rewarding way to share your experience of visiting a new place. Once you've returned from your trip and have all your footage loaded into the video editor, here are five tips to help create your best work.

In this video, Jordy Vandeput for shares a few of his secrets he learned that helped him create his newest travel video, "NICELAND." One challenge that travel videos face is that the viewer wasn't there, so it's up to the editor to piece footage together in a way that conveys the emotion, which is usually excitement, fascination, and curiosity.

To create emotion, it's important to submerse the viewer in the video, and a major part of this is through sound design. Any memorable travel video I've seen has had the sound design carefully crafted. Vandeput shows you how he did it with "NICELAND" here, and I would put it on the top of your list of what to take away from this.

Check out the full video above for all of his editing tips to use on your next cinematic travel video. Do you have anything else to add onto the list? Let us know your tips in the comments.

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