How to Shoot an Ad in Your Dining Room

Daniel Schiffer is a YouTuber who started off as a guy making videos for restaurants. Now, he's got more than one million subscribers, and it's because he can get a lot done with very few resources. In this video, you can see how he does it. 

Even with a simple product like Cheerios, it's about making it interesting and looking professional. Good lights, solid video post-productions skills, and some creative ideas can get you there. His transitions and his way of moving from one shot to the next always flow so well, and the following shot usually has some connection and relationship with the one before to encapsulate the viewer.

He has a very distinct editing style which translates well into short, powerful videos. We can all use our time to practicing something we usually don't have time for. Take any product that you like, think about what you can do with it, and try shooting something, even if it's not your niche. You might just come out of this downtime with something worth putting in your portfolio. Give the video above a watch to learn how Schiffer does it.

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Jeremy Lusk's picture

Really cool and inspiring!