See Every Oscar Winner for Best Visual Effects Ever

Of the many categories in the Oscars, perhaps one of the most interesting for photographers and videographers is the award for Best Visual Effects. This awesome compilation shows a clip from every winner from 1929 to 2017. 

Coming to you from Burger Fiction, this neat video compiles clips from every Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects from 1929 to 2017, though you'll see every nominee from that final year since it was created for the 2018 Oscars; "Blade Runner 2049" eventually took home the award. It's an awesome visual feast, and I find it fascinating how quickly the effects improve as we hit the 1990s and 2000s. There are also some surprisingly good effects from decades ago that still stand up rather well today. My personal favorite has always been "What Dreams May Come," from 1998. It's one of the very few films ever shot on Fuji Velvia, specifically chosen for its saturated colors, and the result is absolutely beautiful and well worth watching it. Even if you're not particularly interested in the storyline of the film, I think it's worth watching solely for its aesthetic beauty. Check out the video above for all the films and let me know if any of your favorites appear in it!

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user-156929's picture

Love, "What Dreams May Come"! :-)

Michael Holst's picture

I forgot how beautiful Blade Runner was. Thankfully it's streaming now so I can get my fix.

Tim Ericsson's picture

If there's one constant throughout history, it's that blowing shit up on screen is fucking cool.

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

I think that "What dreams may come" is highly underestimated movie, not only in matter of effects. Sure, the story can sound naive to some, and is, in many ways, hopelessly romantic. But - as you mentioned - is a feast for the eyes and it has reference to so many classics of literature and philosophy, not to mention religions and cultures across the world. I'm also a huge fan of Robin Williams, so I can be biased a little. ;)