Video Transitions Pushed to Their Finest

After doing video work for a few years now, I am finally starting to look more into all these interesting transitions. In this music video, they did an incredible job using transitions as a theme throughout.

I've always liked music videos because they are short, to the point, and very creative. I also see that artists tend to have a strong vision for the way their videos should look. As creators, we always want to do the best work we can and seeing a big artist work with a good cinematographer unlocks an endless realm of unique work.

It seems like the transitions go on forever in this video. Thinking about how all of this was done, it's not too hard to realize that they couldn't have done this without planning it out. From the circular motion through the ground and the constant frame changes to the crazy eye transition that goes into another scene; the amount of thought that went into this really blew my mind.

All of this goes to show that it takes a lot of thought to create good work and here is a great example of just that. It is inspiring to see all the different styles of work that are out there today and even more exciting to be a part of all this change. I have a good feeling the future has a lot to hold and look forward to seeing whats to come in this industry.

Directed by Dexter Navy

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Ryan Atimoyoo's picture


I wonder how they pulled off that one where he is falling at the end!
Like "3d-mesh" projection or ssmething? Crazy! Great post!

Ty Poland's picture

I honestly have no idea but I could tell it was a lot of work haha

Wild guess is maybe they used his image as a displacement map for the overlayed video? Not sure if that's the effect that would give, but in my head it sounds like something to try. :)

David Love's picture

I'm seeing a lot of these transition videos and the effects are cool but people tend to pile them on to the point where nothing is left but motion sickness.

Ty Poland's picture

Oh man, I completely agree. A lot of transitions in video work can be over used but for this video it seemed to be a whole theme that kinda worked

Simon Patterson's picture

The transitions were technically done very well.


as a creative community, i was surprised to see a post raving about the editing, directing and cinematography of a video, without A SINGLE CREDIT. who are the people that made all these transitions? by a quick search i found out that the director is Dexter Navy, i would appreciate knowing who is the editor and cinematographer as well.

Ty Poland's picture

well hey, I will throw his name in there, that is on me.

The editor really mastered his technique...and then used them over and over and over and over. I always thought a good transition is one you barely noticed

Ty Poland's picture

I agree. Very well done in this video

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

i feel sick...

Love the transitions...but its on overkill for me. I got dizzy with so much!

Ty Poland's picture

It is a bit much but they worked it very well throughout the whole video. I feel like it also matches the vibe ASAP was going for