Two Minor Changes in Your Premiere Pro Setup Make a Big Difference When Editing

Whether you are a photographer looking to get into video or a professional video editor, these small changes can change the time you spend editing in Adobe Premiere. I enjoy editing, don't get me wrong, it's just that I would like to speed up the mundane parts that make sense when you want to focus on the creative storytelling aspect of your video.

You can speed up your Premiere workflow by changing the timeline settings in your preferences. Let the footage scroll along smoothly so you can see what's coming up. Also color code your footage so you always know where you're using b-roll, talking head, slow-motion, or any category that you specify, and see it in the timeline. This makes it so much easier to get an idea of the balance between different footage styles used within your edit, which you can fine-tune once you've got the rough draft ready. In this video, Peter McKinnon shows how to do it, and I'll most certainly use it in all the videos I edit in future.

My recommendation to Adobe and the development team behind Premiere Pro is to give us a setup screen when we open it the first time. This will give us a setup that accommodates our individual style. 

Do you have any tips to speed up editing workflows? Share them in the comments.

[via Peter McKinnon]

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I edit all of our commercials in FCPX and every time I'm forced to collaborate and edit in Premier I want to blow my brains out.