What Happens When Total Strangers Edit Your Sushi Commercial?

In the past few years, there has been a surge of online freelance marketplaces, and on them, you can often find photo and video editors waiting to process your work for fees ranging from just $5 to well into the hundreds. This fun video shows what happens when total strangers edit a filmmaker's sushi commercial.

Coming to you from Daniel Schiffer, this great video shows what happened when he hired strangers on Fiverr to edit a sushi commercial for him. Schiffer did this a few months ago with a pizza commercial, and the results were actually pretty neat, so he decided to do it again. Personally, Fiverr is one of my favorite places on the internet, because there are so many creative people doing the coolest and weirdest things. I mean, where else could I find a puppet artist to tell my sister my horse is better than hers? Anyway, it is quite interesting to see the results Schiffer gets, and they are actually rather impressive how good some of the edits are, particularly given the cost. I also find it rather interesting just to see how different people apply their creativity; it really illuminates how many different ways one can shape raw material into a compelling final product. Check out the video above to see how it went.

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Probably the same when you edit pizza or any other food commercial: you get money from fiverr.