50 Great Photography Tips In Just Ten minutes!

Doesn't matter if you're a pro, semi-pro or a beginner, this video made by DigitalRev have some really great quick tips for any photographer out there - from ISO to equipment, all the way to location and concept. Do you have additional tips to add? leave them in the comments!

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you might give DRTV a bit of attribution...

Benicio Murray's picture

Way to keep using DigitalRev videos for cheap views. Give them a link in the story at least

Dan Stone's picture

agreed, you guys are pretty tight on the links/sources, its just polite, were not going to go somewhere else and not come back to you we love fstoppers :) video was amazing!

Nicholas's picture

Good advice. 

DigitalRev, Good stuff! ;)

/ www.zayaphotography.com

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Digital Rev rocks for a quick laugh. I watch all of their videos!!!