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Behind The Scenes With Peter Coulson As He Shoots A Model In The Streets Of Melbourne

Australian Fashion and Commercial Photographer Peter Coulson with Arterium Creations put together this video from one of his fashion shoots in Melbourne. Not your typical studio setup, Peter is out with his crew shooting in the open streets, complete with the public watching and potentially ruining some of his shots. See as he works with his model and they have a great time creating some stunning street-fashion images. Peter has some other interesting videos from his fashion shoots, and you can see more like the one below on his Vimeo page.

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Am I missing something or was he only using on-camera flash?  Amazing the amount of money we spent on getting light off-camera, and he gets spectacular results with direct, on-camera flash!

Michael Errey's picture

Nice... great model and great to hear the photographer interacting with her = great results.

BertoGarcia's picture

Precioso,un trabajo increible donde poder aprender Saludos 

Thomas Lawn's picture

Anyone else notice the pedestrian flipping them off at 0:44?

I don't see it

YJawhar's picture

YES! I thought I was the only one!

Paul Ferradas's picture

On camera flash for night city shots is perfect. Gives it a very Fashion feel. Anything off camera and your going to deal with very deep shadows since the surrounding is dark and you won't have any fill.

Henry Louey's picture

He's an Aussie too :D

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Andrew Berry's picture

Surprised to see this filmed in my home town, day shooting would be impossible, way too many people traffic the train stop at Flinders street.  Looks like they didn't have permits, as they were shooting lingerie out the front of the most well known church in Melbourne...

I really hoped that they had security for the models, Melbourne isn't safe at night.