Behind the Scenes Photographing an Imaginary Friend

The guys over PHLEARN have a lot of cool content, and this is their most recent. The original idea for this photo shoot was inspired by childhood, drawing on references from stories such as “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak and the classic comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes." The result is a playful look at the imagination of a child. Click the image below for the full resolution.

Bakster small

You can read about the whole shoot at, and also check out the new Pro Tutorials they will launch tomorrow that features more images from this shoot.
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nice work :) 


Really cool shoot.

The shadows from the lighting on the kid are off (Ambient light would've brought a different pattern) and the powerlines over the horns of Bakster were done in PP, looks really flat.

I suck at composites though, so I don't really have much room to talk.  

The conceptual piece and how it was brought together to produce the final image is pretty awesome.

Jacques's picture

 If you zoom into the image you can see that those power lines were added.

Also, almost all of the power or telephone lines have a shadow on them, as if there was another layer that was coming through and not properly aligned.  Those extra shadow lines also run across the monster's face.

Michael Miller's picture

I wonder if the photographer ever saw these famous ads by Mulberry.

nice creatures )

Does anyone know why there's ghosting of the power lines in the top right corner?

Janelle Griffith's picture

i see what you did there.