Behind The Scenes Video Of Building Robotic Camera Rigs For The 2012 Olympics

A few weeks ago we posted an article about the robotic cameras that were being placed at various venues for the 2012 London Olympics. With this video by Lefteris Pitarakis, you can take a closer look at these rigs and how they're operated, and hear from the Associated Press Photographers who are installing and operating these Canon 1DX rigs.

[Via DSLR Newsshooter:]
Associated Press is sending 85 photographers and photo editors to cover the 2012 London Olympic Games. AP photographers will be supplemented by a series of remote-controlled robotic cameras to cover the swimming, weightlifting and diving competitions, and to offer alternative angles, including under water. These are Canon EOS-1D X cameras on servo controlled heads that are installed in inaccessible places ahead of the games and then controlled by remote operators.


Reuters TV also has some interesting videos about their underwater rigs that they have been developing since 2005, and they are also running rigs at the 2012 Olympics. Check out the video below for how they developed these rigs.

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Makes me wonder what their camera settings/af settings are....or if they're just pre focusing and putting a bit of tape on the focus ring....obviously a fisheye has crazy DOF, but i can see the camera missing focus at times if they were using AF....

 It looks like they are using a 70-200mm lens but the images look like a fish-eye lens was used.

The 70-200 was probably just the overhead camera. I would imagine that they have different lenses on the different cameras, since there are so many of them